No Offseason for NASCAR, T.O. Scores Points Too…

PR Move of the Day:Greg Biffle appearing on the Food Network tonight with Paula Deen, an announcement in the Sports Business Daily about a new partnership with Camping World to become the official RV, an. a nice online piece about Jimmie Johnson and Nick Lachey partnering for a celebiry golf tournament. Three diverse pieces that cover business partners, charity and personality promoting all aspects of the brand in a quiet week…great job by all involved and great examples of how to effectively use the offseason.

Kudos also to the Dallas Cowboys and Terrell Owens for quickly diffusing what were obviously tongue in cheek comments made this week about Jessica Simpson being in the stands for Sunday's loss to the Eagles. The old T.O. may have let the story fester but he did a great job of diffusing and making it into a non-story in 24 hours…great to have a PR pro like the Cowboys Rich Dalrymple running the show year in, year out and leading the charge to dispel such things.

Lastly, some good reads on the business and sport in general…great piece in today's Dallas Morning News by Jean-Jaques Taylor on the restoration of Cowboys great Bob Hayes’ gravesite…hopefully it will help lead to more exposure for Hayes, who should be in the Hall of fame. Also if you haven’t seen these two recent Wall Street Journal pieces on some unique PR spin, check them out. One is on paid media vs. hiring an agency, and the other is on the persistence of publicist Todd Brabender and his success for some unusal clients. Not sports related per-se, but worth putting in best practices.