Gettin A Job…

With the college semester about to start, we thought we would take a second, triggered by a piece in today's Wall Street Journal on new NFL CFO Anthony Notto and how his diverse financial background landed him a high level job at the league, to touch upon the job market, especially at the entry level, and offer up some ideas from what people are asking for and seeing out there.? Right now the entry level space in the sport, especially for those with a wide variety of talents, is very vast. Here are just some tips….

1- Diversify your background and interests:Warsaw Sports Marketing Center.lunch in New York, and sitting with a group of industry veterans, was blown away by the diversity of backgrounds that the students had. Classes in finance, web design, market research, advanced mathematics, customer service etc.?are all important pieces to have “on call” when looking to get involved in the field these days, as you never know which element will help get you in the door. The more hats you can wear, the better.

2- Write and Take Good Notes:3- Pick Up . Language:4- It's Who You Know:5- Interning and Volunteering: