A Look At Tilghman, Jacobson and Majerus

We don’t think anyone would have been able to find a link between Kelly Tilghman, Dana Jacobson and Rick Majerus prior to last week, other than some obscure SportsCenter mention. However now it seems like the three are tied together in a world of “he said, she said and who can say what.. There were some very poignant pieces worth reading involving the trio, ranging from great columns by Michael Wilbon and Len Shapiro in last week's Washington Post, to Rich Sandomir's series of pieces in the New York Times to a very comprehensive and well thought out piece by Joe Strauss in the St. Louis Post Dispatch. All the pieces weighed the actions and the consequences, and although all three issues dealt with varyin.degrees of “who said what”…Majerus voicing his personal opinion as a citizen, Tilghman with a less than thought out “joke” on live TV, and Jacobson with an offcolor comment during a “Mike and Mike” roast…the bottom line remain.that public figures always have to be on guard and responsible for their actions.Big East men and the Southeast Conference women) and an unquenchable news cycle, thinking before you speak and act is critical. Now that doesn’t mean a perso.can’t be honest and make good copy. It just means that you always have to think to control the actions of the situation.1-You can’t take back what you say, but if the comment is offensive come clean and do it in a timely manner:the time that the apology took to come.The delay, whether it was to gauge reaction or let time pass, lengthened the news cycle tremendously.2- Less said the better:Answering questions in a concise, dignified manner, in .controlled setting, is always best. Not trivializing the response, and taking it as seriously as those who condemn it, is also important.?The more professional the better.

3- Knowing the difference between personal belief and offcolor remarks is important:One of the keys to media training is not telling the subject what he or she should be saying, but making sure the subject understands that what he or she says carrie.responsibility with it.

4- This is a Google world, and what is said never “goes away:”