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The Great American PR Machine…

A month ago we pointed to all the advance activation stories that had begun for NASCAR as they started their run-up to a dual anniversary year…the 60th anniversary of the circuit and the 50th anniversary of “The Great American Race,” this weekend's Daytona 500.provide coverage of every possible angle, with successful placements ranging from the car of tomorrow, to celebrity activation, to tailgating chefs, to the role of religion on race day…all supported by large activation dollars by sponsors beyond those in any other sport on the globe. All of those elements factor in to make this weekend's season opener at Daytona a perfect launch point for NASCAR in 2008. Some of the key pieces for the week leading up included, a USA Today news cover story on Dario Franchitti's entry into NASCAR an.the celebrity status his wife, Ashley Judd brings alonga New York Times piece on the groups that hold ministry services in the Daytona infield on race day, Stuart Elliot's NYT piece on online activation, Allen St. John's Wall St. Journal piec.on Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s “car of the future.,.?Mobil One's return to car sponsorship, a Miami Herald piece on the growth of NASCAR driver personalities.and the cover of this week's Sports Illustrated, with Dale Jr. laying out on the cover of his Amp Energy-sponsored car (amazing exposure for Amp this week).?A great summary of all the other NASCAR activations can also be found in the Sports Business Daily.All of the mainstream exposure adds up to a formulated, organized, well planned pitch that strikes well beyond the core NASCAR fan and shows sponsors, television partners and media the true value of well thought-out PR and branding going into such a big weekend. Great job. be undone, the NBA will have its own large scale offerings this weekend with All-Star weekend in New Orleans, which we will look at on Monday. So with Daytona and All-Star weekend going on, we did have one question…why would USA Hockey pick this weekend to create Hockey Weekend Across Americawhy would you choose to compete with two mega events, even on a long President's Day weekend where many families are travellin.the execution of such grea.grassroots event.need a space in the landscape of American sports, and to pick one of the most crowded weekends of the year to push a sport that has struggled to capture fans seems a little off base..?