Sports and Politics…Obama Throws Support While Athletes Support Him…

We have periodically looked into the opportunities Senator Barack Obama has seized upon by associating himself with a sports culture, largely the very fickle male demo which does not get into the political mix. Whether it was playing hoops with SI's Scott Price or on HBO Real Sports or giviving his Final Four predictions, the Senator has done a more than admirable job, even more than sportsma.Senator John McCain, of trying to come across as a guy who guys could like and vote for. In the last few days, we have seen the politics as sports issue swing both ways, both positive.there was a great Chicago Tribune piece on how Obama's White House run (being a Senator from Illinois.could help the 2016 bid process and become a potential positive factor in his campaign and potential presidency.the Philly Inquirer had some humerous and some thoughtful insights from African American athletes on Obama's potential nomination. Again, the issue of a run for the White House, let alone any political issues, are very rare to enter the sports section in a positive way. Here are two varied examples of a positive interplay between th.two areas, which gets more people thinking about their given right to vote and could make for more spirited debate and interest in the system amongst the sports fan. No downside to either issue at all.

Some other good reads…on the MMA front, Mike Chiapetta of NBC Sports had a solid column lashing out at the media for their biased portrayal of the Pro Elite fight Friday night…a very balanced read by someone who likes the sport as a business, and sees it as such…on the gaming side, very interesting pieces Wired Magazine on the ineffectiveness of ads placed in video games, and the backlash that could occur…this is one of the areas that the gaming industry as seen as working with advertsing to create a bonanzaa of business in a shrinking ad market, but one which may not be as effective as originally thought…worth reading…with the NBA Finals starting tonight, Harvey Araton in the New York Times had .piece on the Lakers Phil Jackson, and his battles for extra meal money as the coach of the CBA Albany Patroons…great then and now piece.