Fillin’ A Buildin…Soul Use A Town, Nets Use A Country…

PR Move of the Day:Such is the case in Philly, where the league's hallmark franchise, the Soul, will look to bring in a large crowd while most of the city heads to “The Shore” for the busiest weekend of the year. What to d.? Invite a town to join you, as Darren Rovell reported on his blog today.?The Soul have invited all 10,000 plus residents of the Borough of Morrisville, the suburban home of Sould star wideout Chris Jackson, to the game for free. Now the franchise has already checked with season subs to ascertain their ticket use and did some math on the usual ROI for free tickets (which have to be picked up, not given out), so the gesture turns into a very unique way to generate interest, move distressed seats, and get some local community involvement. tack on a few gifts for those coming in, and hopefully th.Wachovia Center will be rockin for the home team, with some of those first-timers comin.back as paid tickets after they get a taste of fan friendly AFL action.?A little risky on th.comp, but a good idea from those who know the marketplace.

Also capturing the moment like no other NBA team coming off last night's draft is again the New Jersey Nets. The Nets made positive moves for the future with the draft and the Richard Jefferson trade earlier in the day, but the speed of which they executed a jersey and ticket promotion, with a Chinese link, for Yi Jianlian, is amazing. The ability to get all the digital space set is a credit to the way the front office and the basketball side work hand in glove and communicate (not true everywhere) so that execution is ready to happen.Great job by a hungry team in a marketplace with a huge Asian and Hispanic population (they drafted Stanford's Brook Lopez as well) that is ready to buy.

Some other good reads...with the women's US Open in Minnesota this weekend, the St. Paul Pioneer Press has a good piece on the marketing of Natalie Gulbis…and the Daily Mail has a good piece explaining the value for cost that travel agent Thomas Cook has put into re-signing as the jersey sponsor for Manchester City…and the LA Times Bill Dwyre has a good look into the future face of boxing following Oscar DeLaHoya's pending retirement