Vitamin Water Hits a Homer…Nets followup with the Chinese Marketplace.

PR Move of the Day: Often around mega-events like the All-Star Game, especiall.when the event is in a major market, brands struggle to find ways away from actual event sponsorship to make a dent and build brand equity. Vitamin Water is traditionally one of the best in finding ways to cut through the clutter and deliver in unusual ways. This week the brand went about a 1/2 mile south of th.All-Star Fan Fest in Manhattan to set up “Homers In The Hudson” on the golf range at Chelsea Piers. The contest put a huge Vitamin Water target in the Hudson River and then had a steady stream of celebrities and everyday fans coming by to hit a baseball off a tee and over the target for a chance at a million dollar prize. The event, which was launched with radio and online activation campaigns, pulled in a host of celebrities, including VW endorsees David Wright and David Ortiz and got the brand some nice exposure via TV and stills. Nice strategic plan with a great visual, which was another win for the progressive brand outside the norm.

Other good reads…we gave props to the Nets for coming to market so quickly and activating with the Chinese market and today's New York Post has the followup as the plan rolls outAlan Schwarz had a solid piece on the mix of Milton Bradley and Josh Hamilton and their roles and personalities in Texas, in Sunday's New York Timesthe Oregonian had a rare sitdown with Nike president Charlie Denson…the Salt Lake Tribune had a good look at how the Salt Lake area is a robust sports area with only one top pro sports team…and the LA Times Bill Shaikin has a good look at baseball's optimistic future going into the All-Star game