Crisis Management: Looking At The Vince Young Issue

There is probably no better league that handles crisis than the NFL. Because of the sheer violence of the game and the way the league is structured, the issues which can and do arise with athletes, both personally and professionally, are usually handled very well. Part is due to the stringent media policies the league has for its teams, and part is also due to the professionals that most teams employ handling situations.?The latest example of a situation handled is with Titans QB Vince Young's disappearance last week.George Solomon's Sunday Washington Post column examined the issue from all angles, including a cry for help from a young star athlete, and is definately worth reading. The Tennessean had several columns, including one that featured Young's mother and her thoughts, which also gave balance to the issue. The bottom line is that the crisis was handled well from top to bottom in the immediate, with no trivializing the matter in any way. will this lead to addressing a bigger issue of the presssure placed on athletes from high school on by society, or will it be treated as a one-off with the need existing for more testing of an athletes psyche before he or she could compete or be selected to compet.? All the remains to be seen. Will fans respond with compassio.? No. Should the.? Depends on where and what the situation to what fans will do. At this point though the trivializing that was seen when Terrell Owens disappeared for a day a few years ago, and when Adam Jones offseason issues were trivialize.where noweher to be found this time around. Well done by all in charge this time, very typical of the professionalism of the NFL on serious issues.

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