Making A Little Idea Big…Action Sports America Finds Itezsms Niche…

Often times, even at the highest level of sports and entertainment marketing, it is the behind the scenes vendor who often comes up with the piece that gets the brand or the team or the athlete the critical exposure point that vaults the entity more into the mainstream. Whether it is the giant inflatable that draws traffic or the world's largest golf ball, the bigger the vision the better, and with that largesse comes the ability to effectively draw and then communicate the message. Today, CNBC's Darren Rovell has a great blog piece on one of the guys over the years responsible fo.a good many of those “big” ideas, Action Sports America's Doug Verb. Verb, who has been involved in many of the great little projects in sports in America in the last 30 years, from the launch of Major Indoor Soccer League to Hoop It Up, has refined the craft of the giant jersey as a launch for big brands, and has now become th.”go to” guy for the NBA when teams unveil their new uniforms. Minnesota, Oklahoma City and this week Orlando will use the giant to get the new product well place.exposure in market, and in the process will create literally big brand and sponsor exposure as well as a huge collectabl.and auction item for the team. It seems like a niche, but in delivering the big picture event.Action Sports America creates literally the vehicle to make the brand larger than life.

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