The Classic PR Stunt: Will Farrell and The Trojans…

So often the 24/7 sports world we live in leaves little to the imagination, and many times those looking to spin and create new ideas get caught up in the news cycle and the creativity gets lost. Hence the lack of effective Heisman campaigns or awards promotions for athletes in … [Read more...]

VW Continues To Look For “Capitol” Gains…

As many car brands look to reduce spending and streamline work in sports marketing, one of the more efficient brands in tough times, Volkswagen, continues to make a bigger strategic play in its headquarter maket of Washington, DC. … [Read more...]

Racingezsms Biggest Day Tries To Breed A Brand

It is the largest purse in sports, but most casual sports fans when asked about horse racing know only the Triple Crown, and then only in a year when horses like Big Brown take the sportlight in the spring. So into that issue steps the Breeder's Cup, which for 25 years has … [Read more...]

Becks Back To Europe…Good Or Bad For Soccer In The US

As David Beckham's management team ponders a temporary or permant shift back to Europe...this time for AC Milan...the LA Times has a piece on the value that he has brought to the Galaxy and whether or not its time for the legendary star to go back overseas. The piece raises … [Read more...]

The Price of Branding In College Athletics…

With the downturn in the economy comes the anticipated downturn in philanthropic giving, but along with that downturn will come more pressure from the collegiate level to show an ROI just as any sponsor or business partner on the professional side would see with … [Read more...]

Playing On The Global Stage

Businessweek this week put out their Top 100 Power Brokers In Sports, and in that was a Top 25 worldwide (meaning outside the U.S.). The list is a great one for anyone to have on hand as sports becomes more global, and continues to show the domination of motor sports (notably F1 … [Read more...]