NASCAR Bucks The Economy, Brings Drivers, Brands and Messages to the Apple…

With all the talk of inflation, recession and the economy, even on a day when the Big Three are pleading their case to Congress for help, NASCAR continues on as the leader in the brand activation space.tell their stories to both ardent followers and casual fans through the media and in person at a series of wide ranging, high energy activities. Whether it is Jimmie Johnson mugging for the cameras in Central Park or meeting the fans at the Hard Rock Cafe, or Dale Jr. featured again on, there is never an absence of activity when NASCAR comes to the Apple.In the current economy, NASCAR was able to use the week the media, its fans in the area, and most importantly bot.Madison Avenue and Wall Street tha.all invested in Nascar on any level have a group that is looking for answers, but still knows how to activate against the dollars already spent and those currently in play for the future.? The week remained a well messaged, highly active party, while showing fiscal responsibility and temperment needed.

And on to some good reads…the New York Times’ Howard Beck has a mock interview with Cablevision's Jim Dolan, who has not met with the media in almost two years…the Palm Beach Post has a look at the rejuvenated Heat's second unit, the “Goof Troop”…LA Times’ Bill Dwyre has a good look at Bob Arum's work to make boxing more relevant again in the sporting landscape…and the Washington Post's Mike Wise has a good look at the panic setting in around D.C. with the Redskins’ latest setbacks