The Next Version of Virtual Signage…Itezsms All In (Or On) The Head…

Wednesday's New York Times had a very intriguing piece about the latest space to have edgy brands look for marketshare and buzz…on people's shaven heads. The opportunities actually exist in sports for some type of guerilla opportunity that could also be fun and more than a little intriguing for the right brands. For several years, smart marketers have looked to golf and tennis to pick off players with patches and a temporary tattoo for select tournaments, getting some solid impressions for upsets or for playing top players. Boxing had its run with Golden Palace on the back of a boxer or too, only to see the fad fade (literally) in messy sweat. But what about using fans, or looking to a brand like the AVP, where skin is in….or swimming…do convey a strategic message, and why not look to brand, literally not just a one off but an entire tournament or a dra. And maybe its not words that could smear…maybe its a logo or a distinct color, or even a product such as a sunscreen that could be worn or even tanned or airbrushed on to the ski. We have seen the creativity with lamp black for football and baseball, so maybe a whole side of an infiel. Now of course it gets tacky, can spin out of control and hurts some value of mainstream and long-standing brands who build over time. But maybe this compliments a long term brand or helps intro a new product, and is part of an entire digital campaign over time for creativit. Could bring another level of branding to branding so to speak. Just something to think about as brands do look for unique ways to upsell, get buzz, garner PR and make events their own with fans and athletes alike.

Some other good reads…Richard Lapchick had a great piece on the late John Isaacs and the Harlem Rens on…great slice of hoops history…the LA Times’ Bill Dwyre has a good piece on the PGA's Parker McLaughlin and his encounter on the courts with President Obama…and Barry Janoff has a good q and a with AVP head Leonard Armato.