Can WPS Succeed In A Challenged Marketplac.

For those who were excited about the WUSA on its best days and all it could do to raise awareness, build brand and launch a legitimate stand-alone women's professional sports entity comes Women's Professional Soccer, which launched this past weekend. The good news is … [Read more...]

Subway Make Fresh Pitch With Little League…

The Subway chain has done a great job in recent years of finding ways to attack the demo they are trying to reach, whether that is through their team of athlete endorsers, NASCAR or even through their weight loss king, Jared. By going after those groups, Subway spoke right to … [Read more...]

NBA Brings More Brands Across The Pond…

The footprint and hours spent by the NBA growing their brand in China over the last ten years is perhaps the best example of global sports brand expansion to date. Now that that process is in place, the league, which has already established a relationship to brand and grow … [Read more...]

Another Example of New Age Message Control…Curt Schilling.

It was probably over a year ago that if an athlete or even an entertainer broke major news on his or her blog he or she would have been vilified. Yet the reports that Curt Schilling, an athlete who is actually working in the digital world with a few ventures, including a gaming … [Read more...]

Activation and Access…Some Good Examples Of March Madness

Once the shine wears off of the brackets for March Madness, brand partners and media have to begin the search to find out what are the best and what are the most effective ways of telling the fun stories away from the games. Two examples showed up this weekend. First on the … [Read more...]

A Different Kind Of March Madness…NCAA, NIT But Two Other.

The world of the have's and the have nots in college athletics ebbs and flows in any given year, and this time of year the hope for Cinderella trying on the glass slipper in March Madness is what keeps fans up at night. However what keeps many coaches and administrators up … [Read more...]