NASCAR Stays Relevant With A Pit Stop In The Apple

With the economy cutting back on large scale events and the lack of a race in the area, NASCAR still doesn’t flinch when looking for ways to keep its brand relevant in New York City. Whether it is bringing drivers through on a media tour, sponsorship activation programs, or fan experiential platforms, the kings of promotion and activation realize the value of New York relevance, especially on a crowded calendar. So with two big baseball series, an approaching Game Seven of the Stanley Cup Finals, the NBA Finals shifting to Orlando and even the Baseball Draft to occupy the casual fan what does NASCAR d. Take a well placed, and well done pit stop with Red Bull racing in Times Square. The 12 second stunt accomplished all goals…it drew eyeballs and media in New York, it was edgy enough to show that the brand is fresh and fun, it made for great viral video, and it reminded the casual and die hard fan that NASCAR knows how to get its brand, its drivers and its uniqueness exposure when many times people aren’t even thinking NASCAR. Great play, cool, quick and affordable stunt that will challenge other sports to figure ways to take advantage of the new Times Square as a stunt site with less traffic and more pedestrians.

Some other good reads…the LA Times had an interesting read on CVS and Long's Drugs giving $2 coupons to consumers who locate expired items…maybe it can lead to “expiration night” for teams working with a consumer goods store to give ticket discounts on expired items…the AJC has a great piece on the business for success model created by the Atlanta Braves…and the KC Star has an interesting look at the media secrecy policies being installed by new Chiefs GM Scott Paoli.