Yes, Virginia

THE BEST COLUMN EVER WRITTEN. MERRY CHRISTMAS Eight-year-old Virginia O'Hanlon wrote a letter to the editor of New York's Sun, and the quick response was printed as an unsigned editorial Sept. 21, 1897. The work of veteran newsman Francis Pharcellus Church has since … [Read more...]

Can The Ivies Derive Green From Athletic Marketin.

Before the recent economic downturn, the whispers regarding the upgrading of the competitive level of Ivy League athletics were abounding. The large endowments of many of the schools were bringing the institutions to perhaps remove the paperwork and qualification for financial … [Read more...]

Sports Books Worth Reading And Giving From 2009

I will be the first to say I am not a strong critic, nor do I read every book out there. However I do read a great deal and try to figure out what are the books that teach me something, even of some of the most public of figures, that I didn't know before and what can I take … [Read more...]

Is President Obama Losing His Sports Jone.

One of the smarter moves President Barack Obama used during his campaign to lure the interest of the casual voter was to introduce his athletic side and interests into his platform discussions. It started with shooting baskets with Sports Illustrated's Scott Price, while … [Read more...]

The Business of Baseball Never Sleeps…

Maybe it's because the World Baseball Classic pushed the World Series into November. Maybe its because the winter meetings came at a time this year when the rest of the sports world was Tiger-crazy and not much else was going on. Maybe its because baseball is doing as good … [Read more...]

Can The Paralympics Be A Marketing Platform For Brand.

As we head toward the Vancouver Olympics and continue to immerse ourselves in the Tiger Woods train wreck, it is interesting to look for other opportunities where a brand like Accenture can potentially look to re-invest the millions just pulled away from Woods. Is the … [Read more...]

On Heisman Weekend, “The Rudy Awards” Score Points…

"Rudy." Great story, great movie. Yes the real Rudy is a bit over the top, bit that's another story. It never detracts from the essence of the message the movie conveys. "Rudy" resonates with people on so many levels, and if the idea gives rise to ways for others to have … [Read more...]

D-League “Hoax” Gone Bad Not Bad For Publicity…

Into the "seemed like a good idea at time" file this week goes the D-League's Utah Flash, who staged an elaborate and well attended hoax, luring thousands of fans to their game against Dakota with the thought they were going to see NBA legend Michael Jordan take on former … [Read more...]

The Coaching Network An Untapped Activation Model For Brand.

They have always been the iconic role models that have shaped thousands of lives, from little league to the highest level of competition. They are dedicated and driven, mercurial and emotional, volunteers and mercenaries, teachers and mentors. They are coaches. Yet for all the … [Read more...]