The Mercedes Bookends…

There are many ways to combine sports and entertainment partnerships, but a great example will wrap up this week in New York, where Mercedes Benz will complete their first two week run as sponsor of the US Open and continue their work as title sponsor of Fashion Week. While it may seem a but of a disconnect, the two sponsorships fit the brand and the clientle perfectly, and reinforce the sense of style and luxury that Mercedes is all about.

The airtime, the promotion both at dealer and on site at both events, gives the brand a virtual stranglehold in the luxury car market for a critical three week period when the high net worth New Yorker is returning to the city. It also comes at a time of year when the car market starts to look ahead to the next year and begins the buy out season for those looking for a new car.. Why would an elite brand like Mercedes need the reinforcemen.? Like every elite brand, it needs to constantly reassure its clientle that it is still the gold standard, and by partnering with the two single events that may have the most consisient visibility on the New York calendar, mercedes is able to deliver the messsage. It is a one-two punch that other elite auto brands have not delivered in the past, and makes great sense. Ot is not overspending or overkill, it is a constant reminder. Both events, while they may share interested parties, are also stand alones…one is in Manhattan for the upcoming week, the other wraps up outside of Manhattan despite its ubiquitou. presence in the area. In addition to the appeal to the local elite, the merceds pop will also resonate with the thousands of tourists from abroad who frequent boith events, and serve as a not so subtle reminder for what could be their choise of car when returning home. It is an elite partnership with elite brands done in a tasteful and consistent way, and for that reason it work for Mercedes just as their brand says…like no other.