The Value of the Academies Grows Stronger…

While you may not always agree with the politics of the military, there is one thing that is for sure…if you work in the sports business, or if your are involved with a Bowl in a community, this week you are pretty pleased. This past week Media Post ran a piece on the amount of time and money the Military puts into branding and social media and the benefits that come from that effort, especially in sports. All this past week various organizations and media outlets took time to tie in the academies or those serving in the military with special programs and ceremonies, all tied to Veteran's Day. Then Saturday Army beat Kent State to make them the third Academy to become Bowl eligible for this season, something which has only happened twice since 1960.

What does that mean in the grand scheme of thing.? For local organizers of secondary bowls like those in Shreveport, San Diego, and San Antonio, it means that the ancillary ticket sales, interes. and hype surrounding an academy involvement makes life that much easier, and raises the awareness of the Bowl to a new casual audience. For those at Yankee Stadium who may have worried about next weekend's Army-Notre Dame game having distressed tickets, it means a full house and more interest. For those selling properties around the Academies, it means that there is a story to tell beyond the usual pride and perseverance stories that make the Academies such an emotional buy. Also there is a much stronger sense of national pride for all when the Academies do well in football. Somehow it makes things seem a little more interesting and gives more of a sense of purpose when the three Academies do well, as silly as that may seem. The student-athletes are always great stories, now they are great stories that are all part of a renewed winning tradition, and one which hopefully is reflective of an economy that may be in recovery, which means better news for all involved.

Even with all the corporate spin and dollars spent, and the hand wringing that goes on every day about where athletics is going, the real value of why people watch and cirporations buy is becuase of the insporational stories that are conveyed. They take us out of the norm and help us reach new heights. There are no more inspirational stories than those men and women in the service, especially those who are strong and smart enough to assume leadership roles at Army, Navy and the Air Forc. Academy. Winning makes those stories easier to tell, and creates a bigger platform for all. Great week to take pride in the military.