Colts Lose On The field, Win With Fan Cam App…

It was a tough night Saturday in Indianapolis as the Jets down the Colts on a last second field goal and sent Peyton Manning and company packing for the winter. However one great piece of technology that emerged from the game and was promoted by Jim Irsay on twitter this week was Colts fan Cam.

The camera level panoramic real time view of Lucas Oil Stadium is certainly something that is not new. However what is different is the ever-evolving use of hi resolution imagery and the ability to engage the fan. Instead of being a blur of thousands, the Fan Cam gives anyone in attendance the ability to zoom in to their seat location and produce a high resolution image of the fan in their seat. Taking it one further, fan cam then allows the user to export that image and all its information to a facebook or other social media platform, and gives that fan the ability to communicate with others in the picture and at the game. It is a new level of fan interactivity, and can probably be paired even with those participating in the game (can you picture Chad Ocho Cinco clicking on his image and then connecting to fans at the gam.). On a sponsor side, it is a great way to communicate special offers and brand affinity, or even target sections of participants for instant special promotions. Tweet ups and offers may have limited return, but this type of partnership can deliver and immediate response to a fan or a series of fans right in stadium, or online after the event.

Could some feel it is too much of an intrusion into the game experience, and could the photos and info be used improperl. Perhaps. However the fan has the ability to control use of information, and if the technology evolves as it could, fan cam could become a very important piece of enhanced fan engagement and interactivity. Great points scored for Indy.