When Is The First Christina National Anthem Nigh.

We are in the midst of Hot Stove season, the time of year when MLB teams hold their annual media caravans and fan events, and minor league teams start rolling out their promotional schedules to try and start engaging the ardent and casual fan and get their minds off of football and on to the diamond.

Especially on the minor league level, teams kick off the promotional season with a host of new challenges, from unique food and charity events to whatever the latest cost effective promotional craze will be. So in light of the efforts of teams to try and engage the press and grab some publicity, it will be interesting to see which team is first to the Christina Aguilera National Anthem contest effort. The world saw Ms. Aguilera flub the words to the National Anthem prior to Sunda.s super Bowl, and although the mistake was nowhere near the horrendous efforts of people like Roseanne Barr and Carl Lewis, it was still one of the most talked about gaff.s both online and the following day.

Ms. Aguilera of course handled it like a professional, but the long baseball season ahead begs for an invite, even a mythical one, for some enterprising promotional department to have Ms. Aguilera come back to right her wrong, and if not, could call for a look-a-like.Christina nigh. for some franchise looking to grab a headline. There is no cost to the trial, it can be all in good fun, and who knows, might generate enough interest to give her a.re-do. even in a minor league market.

Of course there is no real need for a make good, as people have moved on, but the ability to promote a second chance and all the fun around it does make for a promo too good for someone not to take, get sponsored by a local radio station and even play out for the good of the fans on a hot summer night.