Eight sites worth a look…

As some may know we do this newsletter every Sunday and highlight some folk who do good work largely on their own. They are not loud or obnoxious for the most part. They serve a niche and do so passionately. While there are many in the space who do this fulltime and do it amazingly well...professional journalists like Darren Rovell and Richard Deitsch, Peter King an. Bill Simmons, Jonah Keri and Dan Shanoff...or owners with a vested interest like Ted Leonsis or Mark Cuban, there are also many who have found a space that is indeed useful to many and worthy of a gander. Here are a few you may not know about:

A Glam Slam: An always interesting read on fashion and sport and how they intermix at many levels.

Business of Baseball: Maury Brown looks at the business of many sports from many angles, but none more than baseball.

Business of Minor League Baseball: It's a shame minor league hickey doesn’t have a Ben Hill. he does an amazing job canvassing the country to find best practices.

Fang's Bites: No one really knows what Ken Fang does, but one thing he does do is cover the links to all of sports media as well or better than anyone.

First call: Run by David Schwab at Octagon, there is always something there to show the mix of celebrity, brand and media.

MMA Payout: All the business behind a very popular sport these days.

Sports Doing Good: Covers the sports philanthropy business like no one else.

Sports Techie: Bob Roble is a serial tweeter and blogs often about sports, technology and where they play out together.

There are plenty of others who make the blogosphere their world as a primary income source…Jason McIntyre, Chris Botta, Amanda Rykoff, Barry Janoff to name a few…as well as all those folks at Sports Business Journal. The ones above are some great indy's in business who one can always learn something from.