The Amazing Viral Power of The UFC

This past Thursday may have been one of the busiest sports days of the year in New York. The Mets hosted the Miami Marlins and their ex-star Jose Reyes, the Rangers and Devils played Game 7's against the Ottawa Senators and Florida Panthers, respectively, the Knicks were closing … [Read more...]

Wrestling The Olympic Gold Standard…

Four late springs ago, as athletes finalized their preparation for the Beijing Games, I had the honor to work with the US Olympic Wrestling on a promotional tour of New York as they readied to go abroad. Unlike other Olympic years, the Americans were younger and largely untested … [Read more...]

A Good Platform Coming: National Train Day

There are few brands in the Northeast that use sports more as a platform for awareness than Amtrak. From New York to Boston to Philly to Washington, fans cannot watch a broadcast or attend a game without some kind of call to action by America's premier national train service. It … [Read more...]

Of Bulls, Isles and Curves…Some Good Ideas…

As we go through Relegation weekend in the Barclays PremierLeague (also an idea which would be interesting but not feasible for American sport), some good practices that came in from the last few days. The Isles Keep trying: Early last year it was the Tattoo Franchise … [Read more...]

The Next Revenue Frontiers Getting Within Sight…

It is no secret that as costs escalate and fans clamor for more access and brands for more ROI, that team sports needs to continue to be more creative in finding dollars to meet budget and in giving fans more reasons to engage. So with that in mind it should come as not a huge … [Read more...]

The Nets Have (Almost) Left The Building

In just over 10 days, professional basketball, at least the NBA version, will officially leave the state of New Jersey, when the Nets host the Philadelphia 76ers in what will be their final game during a two season transition period from the IZOD Center to their new home two … [Read more...]

Of Beards, Gekkos And Magazines…

The NHL Playoffs Are Here, So Grow Away: As the NHL Playoffs dawn again, so does the tradition of the unshaven, this year with a twist. It has long been a habit for players not to shave during the playoffs, and in recent years the promotion has been passed along to fans, who can … [Read more...]

Take Five: Some Suggested Reads To Start The Baseball Season


We are now ankle deep in baseball. So here's a look at five good reads to get baseball start. Just my opinion, and only books I have read thus far, but all are nice companions for the summer game. Wherever I Wind Up by RA Dickey and Wayne Coffey. One of the ways I can judge a … [Read more...]