Watching Bowl Week Closely? If You Are In Austin Just Look Up…

While the various and sundry college football Bowls play themselves out this week from Idaho to New Mexico and Yankee Stadium to Las Vegas, college football fans are readying themselves for the stronger marquee matchups that will really start New Year’s Day and go through the Championship matchup between Notre Dame and Alabama on January 7. However that New Year’s stretch, a busy time when people are still bopping about with end of holiday plans and are shuffling back to work and prepping for school, can still pull even the ardent fan away from the TV where he or she might miss some of the action that he or she may otherwise have enjoyed…the iconic moments, the touchdowns the fumbles, the turnarounds and the upsets.

For some time now, the aggregation service “Are You Watching This” has been supplying viewers with alerts for consumers in front of the TV when a big moment is about to happen in sports and there are multiple choices of games. Using patent-pending algorithms that process in-game statistics for games around the globe and television listings across the U.S. and Canada in real-time, the consumer and his or her DVR know when it’s time to hustle to the couch. TV lineups for U.S. and Canada are examined daily to determine games each user can watch. However what about for those times when you are out and about, like during Bowl week?

Well if you live in Austin, Texas, the home or RUWT the company came up with a very unique stunt. They will  be transforming a skyscraper in Austin into a 323-foot tall “app” for College Football fans.  The building will be wired in to the  algorithms, and the roof will light up different colors based on the excitement of the night’s game.  Lights are White?  No games are underway.  Green?  A game is in progress, but isn’t exciting.  Red?  Beg, borrow, and steal to get to the nearest sports bar. All you have to do is look up and know whether the game that night is worth tuning in to.

Does this mean that someday those wandering Manhattan will have to just look at the Empire State Building to know whether the Giants are driving for a score? In a world where smart phone technology rules and updates and highlights can be delivered to your hand, no. However as a massive promotional tool in a college football crazy town, RUWT has found a way to drive interest and awareness in its business model in a fun way that will attract the curious. Not a bad way to engage by a smart engagement platform and its founder.