DeVry Tries To Score With Baseball…


  The age of online higher education of all levels continues to grow each year, and in a world that is increasingly more technologically savvy, the ability to study and earn a degree without ever setting foot in a classroom is becoming more and more commonplace. Whether … [Read more...]

Danbury Creates A Whale Of A Social Media Platform…

whalers 2

The Federal Hockey League may not be far off from the fictional league of the same name from “Slapshot” at least in terms of being the first, and sometimes last shot, for players looking to make a go of it on the ice. But at least one team in the league, the Danbury Whalers (with … [Read more...]

The FXFL Is Here…Will It Stay?


The allure of minor league sports is very powerful. Doing the right thing, having a great experience with young people as they work their way up the ladder on and off the field, an affordable family experience, a year-round chance for brands both locally and nationally to engage … [Read more...]

The New Sponsored Logo Game: The Battle of Consistency vs. Risky Dollars…

soccer uni

In the last few years sports teams in North America, from college through the pros, have forgone consistency of brand in their look for the sake of selling more diverse, quirky, unique and even outlandish jerseys, kits and other uniform pieces to an audience who want different, … [Read more...]

D-League Test: If It Can Make It Here It Can Make It Anywhere


The two most populous counties in the United States without any professional sports franchise encircle New York City. They are Westchester County, New York and Bergen County, New Jersey. That was until last week when the D-League and the New York Knicks announced they are … [Read more...]

Hockey Poised For An Olympic-Sized Run After The Games…

usa hockey

While Sochi 2014 continues to march on into its second week, its stars, especially the American stars, are coming into focus in some of the larger platform events that casual fans love. The misses of Shani Davis and Shaun White continue to leave new openings for bobsled, figure … [Read more...]

D-League Develops Way Beyond It’s Original Plan…


It started out as an answer to the defunct Continental Basketball Association, a way to help young, and mostly young players, in the U.S. through a minor league system that could mirror what baseball had done.  Although that isn’t really where the NBA Development League is … [Read more...]

Little School, Big Idea: Caldwell (NJ) College


This past week at article appeared in The Record Newspaper talking about the challenges and opportunities three Division I basketball programs in the state…Fairleigh Dickinson, Rutgers and Seton Hall…face in selling tickets and building brand. However with so many other programs … [Read more...]

The Winter Classic Wins Are Just Beginning…


The Bridgestone Winter Classic on New Year’s Day is being touted as the best ever and impossible to top. True? Depends on your perspective, but for “brand hockey” this year’s New Year’s Day Game is even more potentially impactful than all the games held before as it becomes the … [Read more...]

Tossin The Bear, Setting A Trend…


Only in Detroit can you throw an object on the ice during a hockey game and not be escorted from the building, in this case Joe Louis Arena. However the new en vogue toss, controlled and buzz-worthy, is the Teddy Bear toss for charity. Minor and junior hockey teams from Topeka to … [Read more...]