How Analytics is Driving Sports Business And Education…


The following also appeared in Sporttechie The use of data in every corner of sports business continues to expand with each passing day. From virtual reality to wearable tech to iBeacons and gaming, there is no escaping how all things digital are changing the sports and … [Read more...]

Smart Business Practices: The Yankees and Japan


In the last year we continue to see major global sports brands; Manchester City and Bayern Munich, the Aviva Premiership and Chelsea FC, try to put down roots and bring their business brand to the United States. The opposite growth, U.S. sports exporting to other parts of the … [Read more...]

To Tell Or Not To Tell In A Crisis: From Paris To The World Series


In a world where we are constantly besieged by information, how can you keep a secret, especially a serious one from a select person or group when literally the whole world knows? That situation has come up not once, but twice, in recent weeks involving elite athletes and some … [Read more...]

The Shadow League Finds Its Niche…

New York Jets head coach Todd Bowles in the first half of an NFL football game against the Indianapolis Colts in Indianapolis, Monday, Sept. 21, 2015.  (AP Photo/Darron Cummings)

With so much recent turmoil in the media space with long form story telling sites, one that has survived and has thrived is The Shadow League. Founded and developed by media entrepreneur Keith Clinkscales. The site is dedicated to presenting journalistically sound sports coverage … [Read more...]

Getting Fans Charged While Charging Their Devices…

mobile phone

During the World Series it was a little surprising to walk into a CitiField bathroom and see people charging their phones in the lone outlet by a urinal. The same scenario for the wireless charger-less generation goes on countless times in stadia and arenas, as people more … [Read more...]

Taking “SRO” To A New Level…

radio row

It is the promoters dream to be able to utter the words “Standing Room Only,” even if, in recent years, “SRO” is more a phrase to indicate a big audience than an actual sales opportunity. Lack of standing space, fire codes, handicapped laws for open areas and poor visibility … [Read more...]

“Movember” Looks To Keep Growing…


As the calendar turns from the mega-awareness month for Breast Cancer and the amazing viral phenomenon of the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS in the past, we can applaud the work the ever-growing (no pun intended) groups for Movember are doing specially tied to Prostate and … [Read more...]

Global Leagues Spread Their U.S. Wings…


This weekend the NFL finishes its two week stint in the UK, fresh on the heels of the NBA taking their brand in the preseason around the world again. MLB has exported games to Australia and Japan and conducts the World Baseball Classic, the NHL has tried Europe and Russia and … [Read more...]

“Baseball For All” Makes Good Business Sense…


We first met Justine Siegal when we were working on trying to get baseball back in the Olympics following the Seoul games. One of the issues with the sport and the Olympic movement was that there were not enough opportunities for women, and softball was not interested in a … [Read more...]

No Joke: Comedian Jim Breuer, Mets Thrive Together…


“Saturday Night Live,” “Half Baked,” host of countless specials and standup shows with rave reviews, Jim Breuer has had, and continues to have, an outstanding run as one of America’s top comedians. His self-deprecating style resonates with fans young and old, and his love of … [Read more...]