Howling About Fantasy Sports: Catching Up With Rick Wolf

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While the casual fan may think that all this “fantasy” stuff is new from a business perspective, in reality the roots of fantasy are a few decades old, and there are few who understand the history, the success, and the failures of the business better than Rick Wolf. A Fantasy … [Read more...]

Moving To Become Kings Of Pay Fantasy


The following post also appeared Saturday on The Daily Payoff Experts will say a key factor in driving business is healthy competition. “You want to be the Avis to their Hertz,” the late Jay Larkin, former head of Showtime Sports, once said, when referring to his network’s … [Read more...]

Small Size, Huge Talent; Talking Sports Biz With The Browns Andrew Hawkins


This time of year has become conference time for some reason; Leaders In Sport, MIT Sloan, SEME, SINC, Sportel, World Congress of Sports, IEG, SxSW, SMWW at the NFL Draft Combine, the Kellogg School, SABR, Hashtag Sports…there is hardly a day, let alone a week from mid-February … [Read more...]

Butler and Brady Give Chevy A Super Brand Bounce…


It wasn’t exactly the Chevy Guy moment from the World Series, but GMC and Chevy again found a way to extend their NFL partnership in its last year by taking the mundane afterthought, the presentation of a new vehicle to the Super Bowl MVP, and extending the shelf life of the … [Read more...]

Navigating The Sports Digital Space With Chris Russo…


As we get through Super Bowl weekend, there are few that understand the convergence of digital, fantasy and the NFL better than Chris Russo. Russo has been ahead of the curve in his time at the NFL, in his time as the founder of what was Fantasy Sports Ventures and became The Big … [Read more...]

Will The MVP Presentation Give Us Another “Wilde” Moment?


It used to be such a huge part of a league sponsorship because frankly, the players really need and used the cars. However now the ritual of handing the Super Bowl, MLB, NHL or NBA MVP a set of keys to a car he may never drive is much more about the final exposure for the brand … [Read more...]

Ratings, Sponsors, Rule Innovations, Maybe The Pro Bowl Does Work?


This week the usual lament when on that has flowed the Pro Bowl almost since its existence; after all Vince Lombardi once called it “The Toilet Bowl” because of its lack of insignificance, and Bill Parcells often found ways around coaching in the game because the losers of the … [Read more...]

Sports Biz Life With The Super Bowl-Bound Seahawks


They have had a pretty amazing two year run, those Super Bowl bound Seattle Seahawks. One of the things that has made the run so impressive has been the change of culture on and off the field, starting with owner Paul Allen through to head coach Pete Carroll. That change is also … [Read more...]

Shedding Some Light On An Unconventional Super Bowl Opportunity…

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It’s not easy to cut through the clutter on Super Bowl Sunday without big bucks. However what about a brand, albeit not a consumer brand, that will have perhaps the biggest light shone on it, literally, during the game. They are not an NFL partner, not an ambush marketer, and you … [Read more...]

NFL Network Expands Its Signature Series…

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For the last several years the NFL Network and NFL Films have built “A Football Life” as their signature anthology series. From former players to coaches, owners and even teams, “A Football Life” tells the stories of some of the greatest, and most unique and sometimes tragic, … [Read more...]