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Sports Volunteering organizations…

The following lists some key sites to look for volunteering opportunities. It is important when identifying places that the volunteer make it clear what he or she would like to get out of the opportunity. As has been said before, being able to ask questions and gain information is key in the process.

Minor League Baseball:

  • The prime resource tool to find a minor league team in your area is Most teams need volunteers for press room duties and operations.


  • NASCAR has now set up its own way for fans to find ways to volunteer at events around the country, The local tracks will also post volunteering information, but NASCAR is now working to streamline the opportunities as well.

Special Olympics.

  • Perhaps the greatest opportunity to both help and gain experience. The Special Olympics, from its worldwide events to all its local chapter events, presents a great amount of opportunity, both in the United States and around the world. The best polace to begin is at /

London 2012.

  • The site to find out how to volunteer for all events leading up to the London games is You will find events including pre-Olympic qualifying events, events by sport and the paraolympics as well.

Vancouver 2010:

  • The official site for all the information on Olympic, paraolympic and pre-Olympic opportunities leading up to the 2010 games is

    • is a web-based registration system designed to connect volunteers to event organizers across British Columbia to support events from local festivals to international sporting tournaments – such as the Grey Cup, the World Junior Hockey Championships, the Hyack Community Festival and BC Games. helps individuals to build their volunteer resume, provides valuable communication links to volunteer resources and gives you access to online discussion boards and live web meetings.

  • This site provides updated information for those wanting to volunteer for sporting events in the British Isles.
  • .

    • For those who live in New York, the Long Island Convention and Visitors Bureau has a site dedicated to volunteering at athletic events in the region such as the Commerce Bank Championship. Senior PGA Champions Tour (800); the Hampton Classic Horse Show (200); and the New York State Games for the Physically Challenged (400) to name a few. The United States Golf Association has secured up to 4,500 volunteers to support the U.S. Open Championship each year it has been held on Long Island. And, 1,200 volunteers were used for the 1999 Empire State Games and 3,000 were utilized to support the 1998 Goodwill Games on Long Island..

    .The St. Louis Sports Commission:.

    • Like many cities, St. Louis has become a hotbed for amateur events looking for assistance. All the updated info. is at

  • The easiest way to identify local sites, especially pro events and local championships needing assistance, is through (the official site of the United States Tennis Association) and (the official site for the United States Golf Association). There will be key links to all national championships and local events and information on how to get involved.
  • A great site for finding events and attractions needing volunteers in your area is Many organizations from around the world will provide the site with their basic information, requirements and how to contact them.
  • Many local sporting events that involve charities (Race for the Cure etc.) will enlist event volunteers from the Wome.s Sports Foundation, The WSF also provides a great deal of information on getting involved in wome.s athletic events specifically.
  • .Not listed…send me a link and a little synopsys to join the list…