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Experienced communications consultant available to assist you in developing comprehensive and compelling global strategy in support of your brand, including innovative problem solving and dynamic initiatives in both corporate and creative environments.

First Call: Celebrity Acquisition and Activation

First Call acts as your celebrity advisor from start to finish. Theyare objective in their approach to ensure the campaign meets its goals. Whether for a Fortune 500 company, an advertising agency, a public relations firm or a boutique business, First Call helps maximize the use of a celebrity through every step of a campaign. is a sports-blog spin-off of my long-time column, “The Daily Quickie.” Anchored by an early-morning post of must-know topics, the blog is updated frequently throughout the day with new posts and user comments.

Rick Liebling is the Global Director, Client Management, for Taylor, a marketing communications agency with offices in NY, LA, London, Chicago and Charlotte. He has worked with brands such as MasterCard, Gillette, Yahoo!, Johnnie Walker, Guinness, Allstate and Xbox, helping them leverage their sponsorships across such properties as the Olympics, FIFA World Cup and Formula One.

The Biz Of Baseball

If you love baseball. If you work in the front office of a minor league or MLB club. If you’re a researcher, or someone that simply wants to keep abreast of baseball as a business, then The Biz of Baseball is designed for you. <br?>

Sports Biz blog

Darren Rovell is the author of Sports Biz and is CNBC’s Sports Business Reporter. Joining CNBC in 2006, he is responsible for both analyzing and reporting on the sports business world on all of CNBC’s programming including “Squawk Box,” “Power Lunch,” “Street Signs” and “Closing Bell.” Sports Biz blog on is an industry insider favorite.

The Big Lead is an independent sports blog. In February of 2006, it was the brainchild of 32-year olds Jason McIntyre and David Lessa. We will post anywhere between 10-16 times on weekdays, and team of talented bloggers include: Cousins of Ron Mexico, The Sports Hernia, and Tyler Duffy.