Over 28 years of work in sports publicity and brand building have given me the opportunity to advise clients and individuals on a wide variety of topics that include:

  • Crisis Management and Media Training
  • Speech writing and effective messaging
  • Local, national and regional story pitching and placement
  • Identifying and developing effective story lines.
  • Creating unique promotional campaigns.
  • New media management and placement.
  • Social networking and mentoring.
  • Social and digital media valuation, creation and planning
  • Business plan creation, planning and writing.
  • New business cultivation and pitching.
  • Consensus building and product management.
  • Troubleshooting and agency evaluation.
  • Identifying and recruiting talent of all levels.
  • Motivational speaking and coaching.
  • International and multinational business development

I am available to advise, create and tailor ideas, and kick around new ideas, with clients, colleagues and brands almost 24/7 on a freelance basis. I’m also a pretty good softball player, girls soccer and little league assistant coach.