Storytelling 101: Sports and Politics And The Ties That Bind

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Several years ago I was sitting in the stands at the US Open during a rain delay with Doug Band, who was then President Bill Clinton’s Deputy Assistant. Doug was at the Open with POTUS that day, and as we waited for the courts to dry, we got to talking about the similarities … [Read more...]

Can Sport Business Win In Cuba?


Much has been hyped and speculated about what role the opening of Cuba will have in American, and global business in the coming months and years. While most experts see this as a gradual turn, not something that can happen just overnight, with many cultural, financial and … [Read more...]

As A Property, Competitive Robotics Continues To Grow…


This weekend in St, Louis at the Edward Jones Dome over 30,000 students, parents and coaches will gather for one of the most inspiring, creative and interactive team events that will be held in the Dome all year. It isn’t football or soccer, lacrosse or cricket or rugby. It is … [Read more...]

Set The Ground Rules, Save The Aggravation…

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A little over 10 years ago, during a Davis Cup trip to Zimbabwe, the U.S. team passed a street in front of Robert Mugabe’s palace. In big letters there was a warning; “If you take a photo on this street you will be shot.” No one took pictures. Yes that is extreme, but it is a … [Read more...]

The Dickey Brand Grows…

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As we near the Presidential election I keep waiting for President Obama or Governor Romney to invoke the name of R.A. Dickey as they search to find metaphors to engage casual voters in their narrative. They have used various platforms to gain support tied to sport...Olympics, … [Read more...]

President Obama, ESPN Go Gaming…


More and more it is becoming about the games. Not the ones on the field but the ones in your living room, on your handheld device, on your laptop. As marketers scramble more and more to engage young people in a setting where they congregate, they are becoming all about live … [Read more...]

Giving Blood, Getting Votes, Soccer Clubs’ Unique Searches For Kit Sposnors


The challenge to find unique, promotable, and sometimes profitable brand partners for second division soccer clubs can be daunting sometimes, especially when those above you grab some of the biggest lights, and with it the grandest brands. However here are two unique kit … [Read more...]

POTUS Starts To Play The Sports Card…

It is almost time for President Obama to start ramping up the engines for the run to November. As the Republicans twist back and forth between Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney and other challengers, the Democrats have stood on the sidelines waiting their turn to start moving against … [Read more...]

The Political Game…

Four years ago this month, Sports Illustrated ran a back of the book story by Scott Price, who had the chance to play then-candidate Barack Obama in a game of basketball. The story showed casual sports fans, who many times are also politics averse, a side of the candidate that … [Read more...]