NFL, Daily Fantasy Alignment Grows…

draft kings

This weekend the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins will play the latest NFL London game while just a few miles away Rugby World Cup will fill one stadium and Barclays Premier League soccer will fill another, making it one of the most diverse sports weekends in the UK in some time. … [Read more...]

Unconventional Partnership, Big Goals: Manchester United and HCL


Usually when brands align themselves with the biggest and boldest in sport there is a pretty straightforward attempt at ROI. You tie yourself to a team, an athlete or a league, you spend money against the marketing build out, and you sell more widgets or you up your client base … [Read more...]

We Are The World; Global Sports Convergence Grows


Sunday morning thousands of soccer fans in the US will turn on Barclays Premier matches on NBC while others will watch the Ryder Cup live from Scotland. Then later it will be the Dolphins and the Raiders playing…in Wembley Stadium. Across the pond a growing number of fans will be … [Read more...]

Soccer In New York; The Strategic Battle Builds


In most cases around New York “the battle” for supremacy amongst pro sports rivals is often more fizzle than sizzle. The Nets have never been at peak performance as the same time as the Knicks; few years have the Jets and Giants in the playoffs at the same time; save for 2000, … [Read more...]

It’s Early On A Weekend Morning, And The Peacock Couldn’t Be Prouder…

NBC Sports

There is no doubt that the power NBC has in the world of sports broadcasting these days. From the Olympics to Sunday Night Football to golf and the NHL the Peacock has maybe never been prouder for what it stands for in sports and sports business, across both of tis networks and … [Read more...]

A Year In, A Year Away, NYCFC Keeps Building…


A year ago this coming week the New York soccer world was all abuzz with the announcement of the latest entry into Major League Soccer, and arguably the last startup sports team New York will ever see in New York City Football Club.  Manchester City, Major League Soccer and the … [Read more...]

As Their NASL Season Two Begins, Can “Brand Cosmos” Keep Growing?


The past few weeks the legendary Pele has made the rounds of book stores and media venues hyping his new book, while fans around the world stay glued to TV’s and mobile devices watching Champions League, news of coming World Cup, and final races for all the elite leagues across … [Read more...]

MLS Kicks Off, Is Their Next Stage of Brand Arrival Here?


For years Major League Soccer screamed and kicked as a brand to get noticed as a growing property. Expansion, grassroots growth, television deals, celebrity owners, recognizable mainstream athletes, integration in broadcast television, brand partnerships with companies engaging … [Read more...]

MLS Provides A Well-Timed Visit To Kick Off The Media Season


It certainly isn’t easy to cut through a cluttered February landscape that includes NBA All-Star, the Olympics and USA Hockey’s dramatic weekend, the peak of college basketball season, the coming NFL Combine, pitchers and catchers reporting and the Daytona 500, but Major League … [Read more...]

Timing Is Everything; Beckham Boosts American Soccer Again…


The past week after the Super Bowl, the Today Show, in the midst of its Olympic buzz, welcomed a global star to its air. It wasn’t Russell Wilson and his freshly minted NFL title; it wasn’t Alex Ovechkin, headed for Sochi and the homestanding Russian team; it wasn’t Lindsay Vonn, … [Read more...]