Big East vs. American Athletic…The Digital Reboot


In some ways it is like the expansion Cleveland Browns starting after the “Browns” moved to Baltimore, or Twinkies re-launching after a short time going out of business. What is the equity in the brand name and who is your core when the dust settles. That is what the “Big East” … [Read more...]

Can Army Football Be A Wild Card Again?


Two of the most enjoyable reads this past fall were Mark Beech's book on the last undefeated team at West Point and Joe Drape's work on some of the recent squads. Both pointed to the personalities, the hard work, the dedication and the sacrifice that goes into being a … [Read more...]

Change In College Athletics: The Risk Of Forgetting Who You Are


This past week college sports was again thrown into disarray as schools bolted from Big East to ACC to Big 10 to Conference USA to WAC to Sun Belt and back and forth. The jockeying and rumors continued, with those left as not moving felt hurt and disappointed while those moving … [Read more...]

Does Being “Cannon Fodder” Cause More Brand Harm Than Financial Good?

savannah state

Savannah State, a Football Championship Subdivision school, has been outscored by a combined 139-0 in its first two games this season. It was beaten 84-0 at Oklahoma State last week and 55-0 in a rain shortened game at Florida State Saturday. The Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference … [Read more...]

Kickin Off The College Season With Some Good Ideas…

college football

Many experts in the industry feel that the real brand value of  college athletics is still to come. From new television deals to the playoff system to schools taking control of their marketing rights and merchandising their assets, the future is bright for brands who want to go … [Read more...]

College Football Takes New York…For A Week.

It is the rarest of rare events for a sport that is cult-like across the country but forgotten in Gotham. The first full week of December every year, college football takes center stage in New York. No, it is not because of a big game...Rutgers is Pinstripe Bowl bound, Army is … [Read more...]

Pac 12’s Hashtag Battle Brings Life To A Lackluster Football End…

In the time since Larry Scott took over as Pac 12 Commissioner, the league has emerged as a leader and an innovator in virtually every area of the business of college athletics. League expansion, marketing to a larger fan base in the central and eastern United States, mew media … [Read more...]

Who Will Grab The Academies?

The continued scramble in the BCS-bound conferences moved Southwest again, with imminent acceptance of Texas A and M into the SEC. Much of the talk around A and M was the ability for the SEC to expand into another television area, the football crazy land of Texas. Last year the … [Read more...]

Does Being Cannon Fodder On The Gridiron Actually Help A School?

Opening weekend in college football saw some interesting and exciting early season games...TCU-Baylor, Brigham Young-Ole Miss, even Notre Dame's upset loss to South Florida were a few of the games that had great drama amongst a sea of mismatches and tune-ups for those in the … [Read more...]

No Bull…USF Looks To Lead In Social Media Coordination…

Trying to coordinate all the information in the digital space is akin to playing "Wack A Mole" many times. Assisting reputable bloggers, vetting newsfeeds, sending out promotional information, coordinating effective Facebook posts, finding new promotions, organizing fan groups … [Read more...]