Can Canelo Alvarez Be The Crossover Star of 2016?


Last week ended with the UFC being put into a tizzy with Ronda Rousey’s surprising loss to boxer Holly Holm in Melbourne, Australia, and this past week ended with boxing gaining even more traditional steam with a growing Latino ambassador, Canelo Alvarez taking control of the … [Read more...]

Why Mayweather Is Money…


For those ‘Rocky” fans, the business side of Floyd Mayweather is a lot like the image of Apollo Creed before he takes on “The Italian Stallion.” Pick the venue, but the flowers for the Mayor’s Wife, create the package for your challenger and collect the big pay day in the best … [Read more...]

Brand Carano The Next Big Women’s Crossover?

Anyone who has turned on a sporting event in the last two weeks has seen the preview of the new Steven Soderbergh movie "Haywire," which stars among others Michael Douglas, Antonio Banderas and Ewan MacGregor. However one of the biggest crossover stars in the film may just be … [Read more...]

New Jersey Hedges Its Bets…

Lost on the national sports scene Tuesday night, amidst the rising scandal at Penn State and the NBA lockout non-news, was the vote by Garden Staters to legalize sports betting in the State if the Federal Ban on such activities can be overturned. Right now Nevada and its casinos … [Read more...]

Can Bellator Play “Avis” To UFC’s “Hertz”

It has been a question for several years in the fight sport world. Is the market big enough in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts for more than one viable professional brand to exist alongside the UFC, or is it like professional football, where the NFL is king no matter what the … [Read more...]

UFC Continues Its Steady Build…

The date is hanging out there for UFC fans...November 12 at the Honda Center in Anaheim. The date that the UFC finally finds its way to broadcast television. The date where UFC fans think the sport will go mainstream and thousands of families will flock to Target to buy branded … [Read more...]

“Steeling” A Look At Future Branding…

This weekend the Disney movie "Real Steel" will open with a futuristic look at fight sports, a world where robots enter the ring, controlled by gamers and former fighters, as a way to deliver action and excitement without the mano a mano violence that occurs when humans mix it … [Read more...]

Next Steps…Horse Racing and Boxing…

The weekend brought more hope for boxing and horse racing...again. Manny Pacquaio's win over Shane Mosley continued to raise his stature in the sports and entertainment world, while Animal Kingdom captured the Kentucky Derby with great fanfare and record attendance. So what's … [Read more...]

Horse Racing, Boxing Share A Day And The Same Crossroads…Again.

They are sports driven by gambling dollars and the big event, and they have spent years trying to reconnect with the heyday of the past. Saturday boxing, in the form of Manny Pacquaio and Shane Mosley's title bout, and horse racing, with the Kentucky Derby, will again take … [Read more...]