Jags, FanDuel And A Glimpse At The Future of DFS Marketing


The land grab continues between FanDuel and DraftKings in finding ways to engage casual fans for daily fantasy. Until now, a great deal of that money went directly to ads and traditional marketing spends, along with some untraditional ones like Floyd Mayweather’s shorts and the … [Read more...]

Nets CMO Padilla takes New Role In Stride…


Even before the news broke on Tuesday that owner Mikhail Prokhorov may, or may not, be selling the team, the Brooklyn Nets and the Barclays Center were still top of mind for thousands of fans in the New York area. A good part of that buzz has come from the aggressive and … [Read more...]

Timing Is Everything: Why The NBA’s European Foray Made Sense This Week…


As smooth leadership transitions go, many businesses should look to the model that the NBA has set as the league goes from David Stern to Adam Silver.  From little things like the name on the league’s game balls to bigger picture issues like labor negotiations and TV deals, the … [Read more...]

“Brand Rivera” Closes Sports’ Biggest Annual Call To Action


It was only fitting that New York Yankees legend Mariano Rivera served as the closer – albeit this time for an event that has a major impact on the future, not the present. The impact however, was less about baseball and more about legacy. It was the end of the 30th March of … [Read more...]

Knicks, Nets Brands Lay Seige To Gotham…Can Both Win?


You see the billboards everywhere from the Upper West Side to Secaucus, the hoops battle for Gotham…the Nets brand against the Knicks.  One takes over subway cars with sleek images of its multi-million dollar renovation, the other takes out newspaper ads challenging companies to … [Read more...]

Good Ideas: Mets, Nets and Butts


Yet another good ideas roundup as summer comes to a close... Brooklyn Goes For A Marketing Encore: The glare of the bright lights for a first successful season at the Barclays Center had not dimmed before the Brooklyn Nets started making noise for their second season…naming a … [Read more...]

Nets Brand Now Bigger Than The Borough


Legendary Brooklyn Dodgers General Manager Branch Rickey said that “Luck is the residue of design.” “The Mahatma “would be proud of his borough’s current tenants in professional sports then. Now there is no way, even in his wildest dreams that Brooklyn Nets and Barclays Center … [Read more...]

Winning The Marathon, Scoring In Brooklyn


As we head toward Election Day, few quick items from the weekend. The Nets Build A Public Trust: Make no mistake about it, the Brooklyn Nets are a business. They are there to sell tickets and sponsorships first and foremost and make the Barclays Center a winner on the ledger … [Read more...]

The Battle For Gotham…NBA Style


There have been times in the past 20 years where the Nets brand has made attempts to solidly establish itself in the hearts and minds and pocketbooks of Madison Avenue. Jon Spoelstra trying to change the name of the team to The Swamp Dragons, the time when the team made their … [Read more...]

Nets Have The Sizzle, Will The Steak Follow?


Last week the Brooklyn Nets started their countdown clock to the long-discussed opening of Americas newest showplace, the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. Not a day goes by without another announcement of a concert, high school hoops extravaganza, new billboard going up, … [Read more...]