March Madness: Werner Gets A Leg Up On Its Competition


As March Madness comes to a close with the Final Four, it is interesting to look at some of those “official” categories the NCAA has to see where the ROI is for companies spending big bucks on a partnership. From official ball (Wilson), to courtside advertising (Infiniti and … [Read more...]

McManus, March of Dimes Sports Lunch Sets A High Bar For Fundraising…


It’s hard to get anyone in sports business to agree on anything, let alone a charity of choice. However one thing that is universally accepted this time of year is that the March of Dimes annual sports luncheon is the place to be every December. Over 600 attendees fill the … [Read more...]

“Brand Rivera” Closes Sports’ Biggest Annual Call To Action


It was only fitting that New York Yankees legend Mariano Rivera served as the closer – albeit this time for an event that has a major impact on the future, not the present. The impact however, was less about baseball and more about legacy. It was the end of the 30th March of … [Read more...]

A “Unique” Sponsorship Gamble Pays Big Dividends…Again


If you are a gambler take note when the Japanese clothing retailer Uniqlo signs an athlete. Last year the company pulled the personable Novak Djokovic away from his longtime partner Sergio Tacchini, just in time for another epic run through a Grand Slam summer. This past week … [Read more...]

Unpredictable Games, Consistent Marketing: March Madness


It’s still a pristine sponsor environment for the most part, the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, There is no on court signage, you have to look hard to even find a call directly to the tournament site (it’s on top of the backboard and sometimes on directional signage), … [Read more...]

Steelers, Cowboys Seize A Social Branding Opportunity Together…


They rarely meet in the regular season, but the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Dallas Cowboys are clearly among the rarefied air of NFL brand dominance. Their success on the field is only mirrored by the passion that both fan bases have for their teams, and the high profile that … [Read more...]

Kicking It Out, Tagging Together, And Throwing Good Money Afer Bad


Kick It Out Gets Kicked Back: It seemed like a great sign of unity for a positive message. The anti-racism campaign Kick It Out struck a deal with the Barclays Premier League to have all players wear t-shorts as a sign of anti-bullying prior to matches this weekend. A clear, … [Read more...]

Could the UFL Have Sprung To Success?


They quietly started another season this past week with four teams...Sacramento, Virginia, Omaha and Las Vegas...limping along on financial fumes, albeit with some solid local following, good coaches and some potential great stories of their players. The United Football League is … [Read more...]

Remembering Warner Fuselle…


We pause from the normal talk of sports biz to remember one we lost... It seems like in the past year we have lost a good number of those “people behind the game.” Longtime writer and MLB scorekeeper Bill Shannon died in a fire last year, Red Sox PA announcer Carl Beane was … [Read more...]