In Search Of “The Hungry Fan”…


The phrase “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” has been used to death, but when you talk about a combination of sports business savvy and the food industry well…the shoe fits (to use another wornout phrase). Meet the engine behind a new emerging platform called “The … [Read more...]

Can College Football Carve A Fantasy Niche?

baker field

College football, especially amongst the five power conferences, continues to be a media and broadcast ratings bonanza in the United States, and with the next round of college football playoffs on tap for January, there is no sign of the interest and the passion for the game … [Read more...]

Signing Day Hoopla, A Quick Look back At Some Successes…


The phenomenon of National High School signing day took many twists and turns last week, with every school trying to use the immediacy of social media combined with some savvy and cost effective technology to try and make the day just that more special. It was not without its … [Read more...]

Big Ten, New Schools Win The Day, Look To The Future


The day came and went with fireworks and fanfare, music and lots of Scarlet and Terp Pride. Rutgers and the Big 10. Maryland and the Big 10. For the casual fan it had a bit of a wow factor, for the ardent supporter it had a bigger wow factor. For those selling the brand to the … [Read more...]

College Events Embrace The Apple…


It is probably less true of an individual athlete than ever before, and maybe truer of an event than ever…if you want success you have to find your way to New York at some point. While mega-stars like LeBron James and Sydney Crosby and Payton Manning and thrive in other markets … [Read more...]

Did Some Brands Post Wins During Bowl Month? Sure.

college football

Monday night marked the end of the College Bowl season, one of the longest, and probably last few, extended series of Bowl games as  college football moves toward a national playoff and a trimming down of the games that lead to what is now the BCS Championship, which title … [Read more...]

Could the UFL Have Sprung To Success?


They quietly started another season this past week with four teams...Sacramento, Virginia, Omaha and Las Vegas...limping along on financial fumes, albeit with some solid local following, good coaches and some potential great stories of their players. The United Football League is … [Read more...]

Does Being “Cannon Fodder” Cause More Brand Harm Than Financial Good?

savannah state

Savannah State, a Football Championship Subdivision school, has been outscored by a combined 139-0 in its first two games this season. It was beaten 84-0 at Oklahoma State last week and 55-0 in a rain shortened game at Florida State Saturday. The Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference … [Read more...]

Lee, Lowes and Heisman…Another Three Good Ones.


As we head into the homestretch for baseball, and the kickoff of college football, another three good ideas that popped up as the week came to an end... Certain-Lee The Best Promo of the MLB Season:  The San Francisco Giants keep finding ways to do it right and first with fan … [Read more...]