Can “Black Fives” Score As A Great Marketing/History Platform?


There has been a big push in recent years for professional sports in the United States to return to their roots and honor those who came first. MLB has done a tremendous job in and around all things Jackie Robinson and has worked to raise the profile of the Negro Leagues; the NFL … [Read more...]

D-League Grows At Tip Off…


Next week the NBA season will tip off, with LeBron’s return to Cleveland, Phil Jackson reshaping New York, Miami revamping itself, Kobe coming back to action in LA and the Spurs looking to defend. However shortly after the NBA gets rolling, the NBA D-League will kick off its … [Read more...]

A Hall Of An Opportunity In Springfield


If you are fan of inductions, then late July and August is your time. Two weeks ago the Baseball Hall of Fame had one of their biggest weekends ever with massive attendance and media exposure. Last weekend the Pro Football Hall of Fame served as the unofficial kickoff of the NFL … [Read more...]

Father’s Day Promo: The Simpler Are Sometimes The Best


A couple of years ago on a  Sunday morning  I was going to get bagels I heard New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan on “Ed Randall’s Talking Baseball” show on WFAN in New York talking about how the simplest of actions with his father, playing catch after work, were some of his … [Read more...]

Leadership 101: Adam Silver’s Teachable Moment


Those who know Adam Silver and have followed his career probably were not overly surprised by Tuesday’s announcement. He has learned not just from David Stern, but from countless others in sports, law, finance and communications as to what best practices should be. Listen, build … [Read more...]

Timing Is Everything: Why The NBA’s European Foray Made Sense This Week…


As smooth leadership transitions go, many businesses should look to the model that the NBA has set as the league goes from David Stern to Adam Silver.  From little things like the name on the league’s game balls to bigger picture issues like labor negotiations and TV deals, the … [Read more...]

Vice Becomes Nice…What’s Next?


For people of a certain age, seeing Marlboro or Virginia Slims or Winston associated with the biggest brands in American sport was commonplace. Big tobacco fueled bug sponsorships, especially when the Federal Government began curtailing cigarettes from their first large-scale … [Read more...]

Brand NBA Tips Off With A Little More Zing Than Before…


Nicknames on uniforms, fans names on the court, athletes partnering with global brands that are emerging into the US marketplace, steady, healthy brand growth outside the regions of where franchises currently are, small market success, establishing an expansion marketplace … [Read more...]

Age Limit Olympic Hoops Grows Brand Basketball…


It was nice seeing the second version of "The Redeem Team" take the Olympic gold on Sunday over Spain, but what did it do for the future of the great game of basketball? By contrast, the men's Olympic soccer tourney, won by Mexico over Brazil, gave the sport a big lift and … [Read more...]

NBA Wins A Weekend…

There are few weekends busier than this one in sports for big events (especially if you happen to be in Florida). From the roar of Daytona to the snap of spring training (throwing in several hundred college games across the state as well) to NBA All-Star weekend and the NFL … [Read more...]