The Media Circus Continues…Adapt Or Fail.


Two weeks ago while at the US Open we got the news that Bloomberg had let go of many of its US-based sports business reporters. The continual change of the marketplace combined with a refocusing of the company on the media side meant that the content being created did not match … [Read more...]

National Gaming Day A Great Idea…

It was a well intentioned but underpublicized and marketed event, National Gaming day, 2011. Chances are if you are reading this it may be the first you have heard of the idea, which took place on Saturday, November 12. The concept is simple and effective...pick a day as a way to … [Read more...]

The Social Media Game On A Global Scale…

The social landscape in sports across North America is growing exponentially every day. Teams, athletes, events, brands, media companies, are all scrambling to add followers, build alliances, grow traffic and scream louder than anyone else to draw critical mass for whatever … [Read more...]