MLB Scores With Charitable World Series Execution…


For all the talk about baseball needing to catch up with the times, the traditions of how the game is played remain hallowed ground, and one of those traditional points of execution is the sacrifice; literally giving your chance at glory up to move a runner along. Sometimes as we … [Read more...]

Data Now Has A Price…

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What price does data have in sport these days? If the stories on Friday are to be believed, and no reason they are not, the current price for at least some of the data is north of $200 million. That was the expected number that the sale of Chicago-based Stats Inc. fetched from a … [Read more...]

The Power Of The Special Olympics Can Transform, Enrich Brands, Careers…

special olympics lofo

The last year has seen its own set of drama good and bad in sport across The Garden State. From the excitement of The Super Bowl to the craziness surrounding the issues of Rutgers basketball, from the new ownership of the Devils to the disappointment of the Jets and Giants, from … [Read more...]

The Real Super Bowl Winner? Madison Avenue and Wall Street


As we reach pre-Super Bowl weekend the debate rages on as to why a cold weather game vs. the warm weather locations, and it could this game ever happen again? After all, some say, it’s being played between two teams from thousands of miles away, local fans can’t get tickets, it … [Read more...]

Richard Sherman Stirred A Very Still Pot; And That’s A Good Thing


“You always need an Avis to play someone’s Hertz,” was a line the late Jay Larkin often used  when talking about how Showtime built its boxing business and kept the sport uber-competitive against the matchmaking of HBO. The rivalries and the storylines and the competition he … [Read more...]

Potential Blackout A Black Eye Or A Learning Experience For All?


Small markets, holiday spending issues, surprise home games, viewing enhancements, fan apathy, weather, elite opponents. All factored into the firestorm the NFL came under for three of its four wild card home games this weekend as teams rallied to hit sellout modes and avoid … [Read more...]

The Price of Information Just Got Higher…

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What price, big data? That’s becoming more and more of a question as the need for real time in depth statistics for sports around the world become more valuable to the end user, be they brands looking to add value to consumer offerings, broadcasters trying to get an edge in … [Read more...]

Hockey’s Hit Can Make Olympic Baseball Swing and Miss…


It is the largest global sport not part of the Olympic programme now, and unless there is a big shift come September in popular sentiment, it will continue to be.  The baseball/softball bid that moved to final consideration in September o to return to the Games in 2020 was … [Read more...]

Two All-Star Ideas Shine Through


The MLB All-Star events have grown into a weeklong baseball and branding extravaganza that have not just surpassed the original intention of the events, but have expanded into what is arguably the largest multi-day single sport platform in the industry. Super Bowl is a … [Read more...]

Weidman’s Win Lifts The UFC Tide…


Make no mistake that the UFC is still a dominant and evolving global brand in sport, especially in key younger male demos that crave action and engagement.  However like all large brands, there is a tendency from time to time to get caught in a routine of success without looking … [Read more...]