Can Canelo Alvarez Be The Crossover Star of 2016?


Last week ended with the UFC being put into a tizzy with Ronda Rousey’s surprising loss to boxer Holly Holm in Melbourne, Australia, and this past week ended with boxing gaining even more traditional steam with a growing Latino ambassador, Canelo Alvarez taking control of the … [Read more...]

Boxing Is Back And Mayweather Is Money


As hard as it is to believe for many who thought the days of boxing on broadcast were over in the 1970’s, the sport is probably getting more live and taped airtime today than in decades. NBC and CBS, ESPN and FOX, Showtime and HBO and Spike TV have all found their way back in or … [Read more...]

Is Boxing Back?


It has been on life support for years in the eyes of many. Banished to small gyms as the UFC and WWE rose to prominence, gone from network TV, full of an alphabet soup of titles, a lack of U.S. buzz, no heavyweight stars, too violent and corrupt. Boxing many said, will soon be … [Read more...]

“Always Write Big,” Catching Up With Master Storyteller Aaron Cohen…


You may not know Aaron Cohen, but if you are a fan of sports documentaries you know of him. Ever watch ‘24/7” or “The Road To The Winter Classic” or some of the great “30 For 30” pieces on ESPN and marvel at the storytelling and how it comes together? That’s his work. A master … [Read more...]

Remembering A Sports Business Pioneer…Mike Cohen…25 Years After His Passing…

book cover

It is amazing that it is 25 years this month that the sports business world, just growing at the time, prematurely lost a legend, someone who set the tone and helped create the sports and entertainment communication industry as it exists today. His name was Mike Cohen and some … [Read more...]

Second Screen Can Make “Hard Knocks” Just That Much Better…


There are few, if any, more well written and well-told series on broadcast than HBO’s “Hard Knocks.” No matter how mundane the day, the cameras of NFL Films, combined with exquisite direction and writing can deliver moving and impactful stories of the lives of previously unknown … [Read more...]

Liverpool Takes The Reality Plunge, Sort Of…


NBA commissioner David Stern has long said that live sports has always been reality TV…drama played out in front of the cameras for millions to see, packed with drama, excitement and of course now all the access that teams, brands and fans can muster. The digital world has … [Read more...]

Is All “Luck” Good For Racing?

The sport of horse racing has tried to right itself in the past year, and reverse the overall downward spiral that has befallen a once thriving industry. With solid turnouts, ratings and storylines for the Triple Crown, a renewed interest in the Breeder's Cup, and a strong focus … [Read more...]

Horse Racing, Boxing Share A Day And The Same Crossroads…Again.

They are sports driven by gambling dollars and the big event, and they have spent years trying to reconnect with the heyday of the past. Saturday boxing, in the form of Manny Pacquaio and Shane Mosley's title bout, and horse racing, with the Kentucky Derby, will again take … [Read more...]

We Love Team Sports…But Not Every Sport Is For Teams…

This past week the Sports Business Journal had an extensive report of the financial failure of the World Boxing League, which limped home following its first season. The WBL launched last year with city by city team boxing, hoping to pit young stars trained in cities like Los … [Read more...]