Sports Biz Success 2015: You Don’t Have To Be Here To Make It Here…

carmelo anthony

As NBA All-Star Weekend winds down some of the residual talk remains about the “Value” having the event in New York may or may not mean to the future of the New York Knicks, and how Carmelo Anthony as the face of the team can use the Big Apple, even a frozen Big Apple, as a way … [Read more...]

American Express’ Scores With All-Star Content Play…


Sometimes when you are an attacker brand it is a lot easier to create sizzle and buzz around mega-events like the NBA All-Star Game. Want to try a little virtual reality for fans to give them a glimpse of the future? We have that. Superstar player needs a new sneaker launch … [Read more...]

Think Local, Act Global: Duke, Coach K and Blue Cross Blue Shield

coach k

This past Sunday Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski entered the rarefied air of college basketball with his 1,000th career win as the Blue Devils downed St. John’s at Madison Square Garden. While so many moments are left to last second planning in sport, this one had a bit of a runway, … [Read more...]

“Rivalry On Ice” Scored For “Brand Hockey”


One of the great growth opportunities that appears to be occurring in conjunction with the rise of hockey interest in North America this winter is the expansion of interest in the college game. Whether its the effort of NBC Sports to expand its weekly coverage, the halo effect … [Read more...]

Brands, Buzz Continue To Build For Game Changing Super Bowl…


It hasn’t been the brightest of falls for football in the tri-state area, or even down the Turnpike to Philadelphia, but this year’s Super Bowl has certainly generated more buzz, brand activation and long-term talk than probably any other, and for a league that seems like it’s … [Read more...]

Knicks, Nets Brands Lay Seige To Gotham…Can Both Win?


You see the billboards everywhere from the Upper West Side to Secaucus, the hoops battle for Gotham…the Nets brand against the Knicks.  One takes over subway cars with sleek images of its multi-million dollar renovation, the other takes out newspaper ads challenging companies to … [Read more...]

Nets Brand Now Bigger Than The Borough


Legendary Brooklyn Dodgers General Manager Branch Rickey said that “Luck is the residue of design.” “The Mahatma “would be proud of his borough’s current tenants in professional sports then. Now there is no way, even in his wildest dreams that Brooklyn Nets and Barclays Center … [Read more...]

College Events Embrace The Apple…


It is probably less true of an individual athlete than ever before, and maybe truer of an event than ever…if you want success you have to find your way to New York at some point. While mega-stars like LeBron James and Sydney Crosby and Payton Manning and thrive in other markets … [Read more...]

Mixed Martial Arts Winning A Perception Fight…


If you have been to New York’s Times Square in the last five or six years toy would have seen it, the billboard towering over the Marriott Marquis. Amidst the glowing brand ads throughout the square and the endless video displays is the huge promotion board for the UFC, always … [Read more...]

“Brand Tennis” Gets A Bounce…

Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal gestu

It’s never easy to create a global initiative in anything for one day, let alone anything to do with sport...on a weekday at a time of year when most of the sporting world is thinking soccer, pitchers and catchers, basketball, ice hockey, lacrosse or any myriad of ideas. Tennis? … [Read more...]