Unconventional Partnership, Big Goals: Manchester United and HCL


Usually when brands align themselves with the biggest and boldest in sport there is a pretty straightforward attempt at ROI. You tie yourself to a team, an athlete or a league, you spend money against the marketing build out, and you sell more widgets or you up your client base … [Read more...]

Happy 100th Birthday, Coach Lombardi and The Values He Stood For


Other than politicians, he may be the most quoted, and even mis-quoted man in America over the last 100 years. His name adorns the championship trophy of the league he helped grow from a sports afterthought to the leader of a multi-billion dollar industry,   Happy 100th birthday … [Read more...]

Kicking It Out, Tagging Together, And Throwing Good Money Afer Bad


Kick It Out Gets Kicked Back: It seemed like a great sign of unity for a positive message. The anti-racism campaign Kick It Out struck a deal with the Barclays Premier League to have all players wear t-shorts as a sign of anti-bullying prior to matches this weekend. A clear, … [Read more...]

Man U “Gets” Local Branding, PSU Speaks As One, And Value As “Intrepreneurs”


As we hit the opening weekend of the Olympics, some thoughts on good moves away from London... Manchester United Thinks Globally, Acts Locally: There is perhaps no more better positioned global sports brand than Manchester United. The club will play to packed stadia anywhere … [Read more...]

Delta Makes The Sports World Smaller


About eight years ago, Emirates Airways, looking to find a way to start connecting with an American sporting audience, joined forces with the Breeder’s Cup as a key sponsor. At the time, some looked at the partnership as a stretch by the airline, which had little presence in the … [Read more...]

Free Engagement? Manchester City Takes Another Step To Grow…

The cultural and business differences in how digital sports is offered in Europe and North America is in many ways as wide a divide as well, the ocean that separates the two continents. The early growth of mobile and digital platforms by the sports consumer outside of the United … [Read more...]

Who Really Benefits From World Cup? Brand Soccer.

They are on every talk show…one player adorns the rarefied air of the cover of Sports Illustrated. They are the new darlings of sport, despite their loss on Sunday. They are the women of American soccer, and their media tour this week has again helped to lift the profile of a … [Read more...]

Soccer Gets Another Kick Forward In The States…

Yes it's lead in was a half hour Wonderbra commercial and yes the football vs. soccer comparison by Michael Strahan was unneeded and more than a tad insulting (or maybe it was more a statement about how far soccer still has to go in the States?), but "Brand Soccer" in the U.S. … [Read more...]

The Social Media Game On A Global Scale…

The social landscape in sports across North America is growing exponentially every day. Teams, athletes, events, brands, media companies, are all scrambling to add followers, build alliances, grow traffic and scream louder than anyone else to draw critical mass for whatever … [Read more...]