Majoring In The Minors: Three Promo That Score


March Madness is in full bloom this early spring. However there is still baseball in the air, at least in Arizona and Florida and this weekend in Australia, where the Dodgers and Diamondbacks opened the 2014 season.¬† So we wanted to highlight some cut through the clutter moves … [Read more...]

Minor League Hockey Outlaws Try A Major Promotion…


The Federal Hockey League has made some valiant efforts¬† in its brief history as a northeast based low minor hockey league. They grabbed a name right out of pop culture, the legendary Federal League of "Slapshot" fame, and without the Paul Newman/Hansen Brothers inspired … [Read more...]

Thunder Roar In The Community


The Trenton Thunder have a great deal of intangibles in their favor. They are one of, if not the oldest current minor league team in the corridor between Washington and Boston, at least as far as affiliated teams go. Even better their affiliation is as the AA team for the New … [Read more...]

Of Bulls, Isles and Curves…Some Good Ideas…

As we go through Relegation weekend in the Barclays PremierLeague (also an idea which would be interesting but not feasible for American sport), some good practices that came in from the last few days. The Isles Keep trying: Early last year it was the Tattoo Franchise … [Read more...]

A Titanic Anniversary Awaits…

The year 2012 will have the Centennial celebration for Fenway Park, with the Red Sox planning a series of events in and around the grand old park, which now is officially registered as a Historic Landmark as well. However April 14 marks another anniversary, one a little more … [Read more...]

Big League Affiliation, No Minor Deal…

Like in many parts of the United States, Minor League baseball across New Jersey is firmly entrenched in the fabric of Garden State sports. From the inner cities of Newark and Camden to suburban Sussex County and The Shore, the ritual of packing up the kids for an inexpensive … [Read more...]

Catching A Simple Promotion Can Be The Best One…

Sunday morning as I was going to get bagels I heard New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan on "Ed Randall's Talking Baseball" show on WFAN in New York talking about how the simplest of actions with his father, playing catch after work, were some of his brightest memories. Often times … [Read more...]