New Minor League Fantasy Game Could Be A Hit…


For the most part fantasy sports…from season long to single day and micro games…are all about the stars of today, and building your roster. Every variation comes along with the same theme; do the homework, and win now, or play along with all the numbers and win down the road. Is … [Read more...]

Moving To Become Kings Of Pay Fantasy


The following post also appeared Saturday on The Daily Payoff Experts will say a key factor in driving business is healthy competition. “You want to be the Avis to their Hertz,” the late Jay Larkin, former head of Showtime Sports, once said, when referring to his network’s … [Read more...]

The Price of Information Just Got Higher…

college football

What price, big data? That’s becoming more and more of a question as the need for real time in depth statistics for sports around the world become more valuable to the end user, be they brands looking to add value to consumer offerings, broadcasters trying to get an edge in … [Read more...]

The Dickey Brand Grows…

ra dickey

As we near the Presidential election I keep waiting for President Obama or Governor Romney to invoke the name of R.A. Dickey as they search to find metaphors to engage casual voters in their narrative. They have used various platforms to gain support tied to sport...Olympics, … [Read more...]

A “Little” Social Media Mix In Williamsport?

We are all aware of the explosion, good and bad, of youth sports in America. Every family is scheduled, and too many families it seems are tied to this manic obsession with athletic success. One of, if not the biggest, youth sports event is just on the horizon, the Little … [Read more...]

USA Baseball Cleans The Closets, Grows Their Following…

Sometimes a little clutter is the spark for innovation, and the folks at USA Baseball, the national governing body for the National Pastime, seem to have come up with new incentive for those late on their spring cleaning. USAB remains an undervalued resource for many in the … [Read more...]

What’s Next For The Jeter Brand? Follow Yogi’s Lead…

As the baseball world heads to All-Star and everyone celebrates the brand of Derek Jeter, It is interesting to see how Brand Jeter going forward can take some pointers from another Yankee great…Hall of Famer Yogi Berra. Yogi Berra’s legacy is as vibrant today as it was when … [Read more...]