Swing and a Miss: College Baseball Opening Day Comes, No One Notices

tampa stadium

It is here again with very little notice, starting on Friday the 13th and going into NBA All-Star Weekend, while both last weekend and next weekend remain open for possibilities. The official start of college baseball season. While most media outlets are closely following every … [Read more...]

Signing Day Hoopla, A Quick Look back At Some Successes…


The phenomenon of National High School signing day took many twists and turns last week, with every school trying to use the immediacy of social media combined with some savvy and cost effective technology to try and make the day just that more special. It was not without its … [Read more...]

Making Dreams Come True On and Off The Collegiate Ice…


With all the issues tied to sport today, from Deflate Gate to the wreck of a season the Knicks are having, it is nice to find a unique voice, a refreshing reminder of what good can come from sport, and how one can take the gifts given them to “Pay It Forward,” a trait that … [Read more...]

ASU Launches A Promo Worth Fighting For…


Away from the bright lights of football and basketball, other collegiate sports do very well in their own niche communities, drawing fans, media attention and sponsors. Baseball in places like Hawaii and Miami, lacrosse in and around the ACC, soccer in key outposts, softball in … [Read more...]

Columbia Roars With Unique Sponsor…

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This past fall Columbia University garnered a slew of coverage for its football team; not the coverage you would want usually as the Lions again slogged to a winless season in the ever-improving Ivy League, but the noise around the program in a major media market showed that … [Read more...]

They Shocked The Hoops World; Now Can NJIT Find A Home?


For a very short period of time about a month ago,  New Jersey Institute of Technology ruled the sports world. The men’s basketball team shocked Michigan in Ann Arbor, an upset many said was on par only with something Gardner Webb had done at Rupp Arena about 10 years ago. The … [Read more...]

Three Promos That Scored On Campus…


As the fall academic calendar comes to a close, a look at three recent promos on the college side that were well done, courtesy of our friends at IMG College.   Deck the Halls in Maize and Blue: Michigan: It hasn’t been the best of seasons in Ann Arbor, but the Michigan … [Read more...]

Big Fish, Small Sea: Pillow Promo Scores In South Dakota

Super 8 and Joey Fatone

How do you find a way to generate buzz in a small market? Break a record, any record. That’s what Super 8®, the world’s largest economy hotel chain, did in grand fashion last week, ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday on a usually slow news day. The chain used their 40th … [Read more...]

Best Story In College Football? How About Lehigh-Lafayette And 50K At Yankee Stadium


Say what you want about big time college football, the power conferences, computer rankings, even major rivalry week, one of the best stories in the game will take place not in Boston, where Harvard will meet Yale for the Ivy league title and ESPN College GameDay will be on hand, … [Read more...]

Lessons From A Lifer At ESPN…


When we were lucky enough to be asked to update our text “Sports Publicity” in 2013, we called on several of those in the media industry who have been around the evolving world of communications for a while, and asked them what they have seen in terms of changes and how they have … [Read more...]