“Tis The Season for College Merch Too…

u of p stadium

To support school, licensee and retail partners during the holiday gift-buying season, Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) is launching Holiday Cheer, a national collegiate retail marketing program in approximately 3,500 retail locations. The program, which began earlier this … [Read more...]

Nissan “Goes Big” In College Sports…

college football

With baseball, golf and tennis now in the rear view mirror for 2015, hockey and hoops just starting and MLS entering its deeper drive into the playoffs; football, and college sports (with college basketball starting this coming week) really take center stage, and this past week … [Read more...]

Miami Hurricanes Seize The Moment, Score In Digital


What would the social world have looked like if the space was active during “The Play” the legendary ending of the 1992 Cal-Stanford game that concluded, after five laterals, with Cal running through the Stanford band on the way to the end zone after time expired? We got a taste … [Read more...]

Act Local, Think Global: “Mountaineer Nation Day”


Last year we did a post about how West Virginia University not only has some of the longest treks of any school in the country because of its far off affiliations with the largely Midwest and Southwest schools of the Big 12, but it also goes to global lengths at least once a year … [Read more...]

Colleges Kick Off Social Media In Style…


College Football has kicked off not just on the field but in the social space; some great early best practices courtesy of our friends at IMG College… We Will Rise: Auburn Auburn took to social media to rally their community and declare, "We Will Rise" in wake of Saturday's … [Read more...]

As College Football Kicks Off, Show Your Colors Gains Celebrity And Viral Status


Last year, WME acquired IMG for about $2.4B with the promise of connecting IMG’s deep and far-ranging sports, fashion and media operations with the vast talent, access, reach and expertise of WME, the world’s leading entertainment agency. WME/IMG represents talent such as … [Read more...]

Can College Football Carve A Fantasy Niche?

baker field

College football, especially amongst the five power conferences, continues to be a media and broadcast ratings bonanza in the United States, and with the next round of college football playoffs on tap for January, there is no sign of the interest and the passion for the game … [Read more...]

With Olympic Qualifying On The Line, Rugby’s Time In The States May be Coming…

PS5 Varsity Rugby McGuire

Two weeks ago I was invited to PPL Park in Chester, Pa. to take a look at a test event for a sport that has a big grassroots following in the US, has been played in some form on the college and high school level for ages, and is a massive sport in its more traditional form … [Read more...]

College’s “Lone Wolf” Finds A Home…


Thank the Michigan Wolverines in part, but thank an administration that did what it needed to do to upgrade a program and show value without giving up. On Friday the last Division I independent school, New Jersey Institute of Technology, will announce that is has found a … [Read more...]

Where Next, Brand Lacrosse?


It is the weekend that college lacrosse has owned for over a decade. Memorial Day Weekend takes the grassroots success and smaller venues and rallies the sport for three days of large crowds, activation and celebration of another spring well done. However the problem, as pointed … [Read more...]