Can “Black Fives” Score As A Great Marketing/History Platform?


There has been a big push in recent years for professional sports in the United States to return to their roots and honor those who came first. MLB has done a tremendous job in and around all things Jackie Robinson and has worked to raise the profile of the Negro Leagues; the NFL … [Read more...]

D-League Grows At Tip Off…


Next week the NBA season will tip off, with LeBron’s return to Cleveland, Phil Jackson reshaping New York, Miami revamping itself, Kobe coming back to action in LA and the Spurs looking to defend. However shortly after the NBA gets rolling, the NBA D-League will kick off its … [Read more...]

Oyo Boyo, A Simple Idea Keeps Getting Bigger…


Several years ago when I was with the New York Knicks we were planning a promotion around Allan Houston, and as part of the plan, were going to send out to interested media the LEGO figure that had been made of our-then star, as a way to keep him top of mind when award voting … [Read more...]

Father’s Day Promo: The Simpler Are Sometimes The Best


A couple of years ago on a  Sunday morning  I was going to get bagels I heard New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan on “Ed Randall’s Talking Baseball” show on WFAN in New York talking about how the simplest of actions with his father, playing catch after work, were some of his … [Read more...]

D-League Test: If It Can Make It Here It Can Make It Anywhere


The two most populous counties in the United States without any professional sports franchise encircle New York City. They are Westchester County, New York and Bergen County, New Jersey. That was until last week when the D-League and the New York Knicks announced they are … [Read more...]

Basketball Passport Starts Its Journey…


Peter Casey is a smart, young hustler who seems to find himself ahead of the curve, sometimes too far ahead, when thinking about the intersection of digital and sport. After working at Columbia on the University’s social strategy, he saw an opportunity to effectively use twitter … [Read more...]

Gandolfini, “Sopranos Effect” Resonated In Sports Biz…


The passing of actor James Gandolfini on Wednesday was as widely covered as any recent news event, which brought surprise to many people, but for those in the sports business the resonance of “The Sopranos” and its lead actor from Westwood, New Jersey was felt way beyond the end … [Read more...]

Lin and Dickey Use New York As A Rare Springboard…


Usually the New York athlete story ends ugly. Successful star comes to Gotham and ends his career in tatters, or leaves to find glory elsewhere. Rarely do you find someone like the New York Rangers Mark Messier, who came to Gotham to fulfill the dream of fans that had been … [Read more...]

The Battle For Gotham…NBA Style


There have been times in the past 20 years where the Nets brand has made attempts to solidly establish itself in the hearts and minds and pocketbooks of Madison Avenue. Jon Spoelstra trying to change the name of the team to The Swamp Dragons, the time when the team made their … [Read more...]

Making A Rainbow Out Of Rain Delays…


None of the eight teams that made the MLB postseason this year played in an indoor environment, a bit of an anomaly for baseball in recent years. No Diamondbacks or Brewers, Rays or Astros to be seen. So with the elongated playoff format heading into colder and wetter weather, … [Read more...]