Smart Business Practices: The Yankees and Japan


In the last year we continue to see major global sports brands; Manchester City and Bayern Munich, the Aviva Premiership and Chelsea FC, try to put down roots and bring their business brand to the United States. The opposite growth, U.S. sports exporting to other parts of the … [Read more...]

Still Printing Strong; Catching Up With Al Santasiere…

tampa stadium

We are in a world where traditional publishing is becoming more and more of a dinosaur. However for some brands, strong ones with deep followings that may skew a bit older, the old hard copy of a book or a magazine is still going strong. One example is Yankees Magazine, a 300 … [Read more...]

The AROD Dilemma; To Promote And How Much?


On April 28 the New York Yankees will have a bobblehead night for one of their stars. He crosses cultural demos and brings people out to the ballpark in The Bronx who may not come out otherwise. Later this summer they will honor one of their legendary players from the recent … [Read more...]

Yankees, Prudential Create A Great Senior Moment


We have talked from time to time about the lack of activation in sport for one of the most vibrant and engaged audiences out there; seniors and baby boomers. It is a segment of the population that has vast consumer experience, knows how to activate in groups, has defined spending … [Read more...]

A Year In, A Year Away, NYCFC Keeps Building…


A year ago this coming week the New York soccer world was all abuzz with the announcement of the latest entry into Major League Soccer, and arguably the last startup sports team New York will ever see in New York City Football Club.  Manchester City, Major League Soccer and the … [Read more...]

The New Sponsored Logo Game: The Battle of Consistency vs. Risky Dollars…

soccer uni

In the last few years sports teams in North America, from college through the pros, have forgone consistency of brand in their look for the sake of selling more diverse, quirky, unique and even outlandish jerseys, kits and other uniform pieces to an audience who want different, … [Read more...]

The Challenges of An Indy Ball Brand: Are Bears Extinct Or Hibernating?


There are 14 minor league baseball clubs within a 90 minute drive of anywhere in the New York area, all with various promises of affordable family fun and entertainment. However according to an announcement that came very quietly  on the day after Thanksgiving, that total for … [Read more...]

“Brand Rivera” Closes Sports’ Biggest Annual Call To Action


It was only fitting that New York Yankees legend Mariano Rivera served as the closer – albeit this time for an event that has a major impact on the future, not the present. The impact however, was less about baseball and more about legacy. It was the end of the 30th March of … [Read more...]

Red Bulls Make Strides On and Off The Pitch…


Maybe it was a combination of new leadership on the business side in the States, new leadership in the coaching ranks and a swift kick of reality by two other clubs…one on Long Island, the other not even in existence yet, but the New York Red Bulls brand made some solid strides … [Read more...]