Going With the “Flo”; Media Company Thrives In The Niches…


We live in a world where content is key, but finding unique content with an audience and effectively telling that story to both the casual and the diehard can be a challenge. Enter FloSports. Based in Austin, Texas, the company uses live programming, original content, and owned … [Read more...]

adidas Pivots To The Ice..


Adidas meet the NHL? As one of the biggest global athletic fashion brands left the NBA this past spring, many wondered what would be next and what has happened to the German brand. The answer apparently is an approach with several prongs, one of which was the recently announced … [Read more...]

As A Property, Competitive Robotics Continues To Grow…


This weekend in St, Louis at the Edward Jones Dome over 30,000 students, parents and coaches will gather for one of the most inspiring, creative and interactive team events that will be held in the Dome all year. It isn’t football or soccer, lacrosse or cricket or rugby. It is … [Read more...]

Brazil Takes Small Step, Speaks Loudly With World Cup Teeshirt Ban…


Last year the newly minted Portland Thorns of the National Women's Soccer League created a stir when their wildly popular launch T-Shirts, “Feeling Thorny?”  were deemed too sexist and were pulled from the shelves, but not before creating buzz for the team and quite a black … [Read more...]

College Baseball/Softball Openers Remain A Missed Oppt. For Brands…


It came and went again this week buried amongst the large piles of snow in the Midwest and the Northeast and without any  fanfare, the official start of college baseball season. While most media outlets are closely following every pitch and move prior to the official opening of … [Read more...]

Can Rugby Get Its Kicks In In The States?

PS5 Varsity Rugby McGuire

It is the third most popular sport in the world according to some numbers…its World Cup Final brings the largest audience and the most sponsorship of any event short of the Super Bowl…it has amended its rules, added fan and sponsor friendly events and carved out a faster version … [Read more...]

Beach Games A New One To Watch…

London Olympics Beach Volleyball Women

Two things the world has enough of are sand and water, and more than enough resorts and beaches to try and lure tourists. So it was not a great deal of surprise that this week SportAccord announced that it will be the creator of the World Beach Games at a predetermined location … [Read more...]

NHL Plays A Game MLB Will Not: Olympic Games


The NHL survived and thrived during after this past year’s lockout, leveraging a breakneck schedule and some new faces, as well as an ever-improving relationship with NBC, to push new interest in the sport heading into a full slate of games in 2013-14. Still with their disputes … [Read more...]

NFL Helps Extend The Olympic Audience


The NFL and the Olympic movement have had several crossover stars throughout the years...Willie Gault, Jim Thorpe, Bob Hayes among others  have excelled in both athletics and football. Now Sanya Richards Ross and Holly Mangold have never ventured to the NFL gridiron in recent … [Read more...]