Timing Is Everything; Brands Berra And Brady Linked Together


There is a tinge of irony that on the day Tom Brady and the New England Patriots were dealing with the heavy-handed ruling by the NFL, politicians on New Jersey were circulating a petition to have Yogi Berra recognized for The Presidential Medal of Freedom. While many opined … [Read more...]

OYO Boyo, The Cool Collectables Back For The Draft…


Last year we wrote about the great growth of OYO Sports, filling a need and then thriving on the unique-LEGO-like collectable market for sports. The company secured the licenses for a majority of the leagues to create player by player images with the popular building blocks and … [Read more...]

Why The NFL Draft Delivers…


It’s not the most compelling TV for those looking for fast action, and some media folks have criticized it for being too over the top with hype, but as a platform it is hard to argue that the NFL Draft as it stands today does not deliver for brand partners, fans, buzz and media … [Read more...]

The Real Super Bowl Winner? Madison Avenue and Wall Street


As we reach pre-Super Bowl weekend the debate rages on as to why a cold weather game vs. the warm weather locations, and it could this game ever happen again? After all, some say, it’s being played between two teams from thousands of miles away, local fans can’t get tickets, it … [Read more...]

Potential Blackout A Black Eye Or A Learning Experience For All?


Small markets, holiday spending issues, surprise home games, viewing enhancements, fan apathy, weather, elite opponents. All factored into the firestorm the NFL came under for three of its four wild card home games this weekend as teams rallied to hit sellout modes and avoid … [Read more...]

Brands, Buzz Continue To Build For Game Changing Super Bowl…


It hasn’t been the brightest of falls for football in the tri-state area, or even down the Turnpike to Philadelphia, but this year’s Super Bowl has certainly generated more buzz, brand activation and long-term talk than probably any other, and for a league that seems like it’s … [Read more...]

NFL Brings More “There” Over There…But Why? Some Thoughts…


The NFL continues to amp up its marketing agenda both domestically and abroad from mandating elite teams participate in “Hard Knocks” to expanding the number of games in London going forward, and making sure that elite teams like the Dallas Cowboys (next year) help augment the … [Read more...]

An Alternative Pro Bowl Idea With A Great Impact…


Sunday night as Super Bowl week began the NFL brought everyone the Pro Bowl, which for any number of reasons seems to have become the least interesting and most controversial of any professional all-star event. Instead of championing the great players of the season past, the Pro … [Read more...]

Big Market or Small, The NFL Beat Goes On…


When your regular season ends in the United States and for the first time in your history all five of the top television markets in the country are not involved in the post-season, there may be cause for concern. Not if you are the National Football League. While other team-based … [Read more...]