In The Social Space, The Heat Remain Hot…


Before any trade movement happened, the entirety of the NBA waited with baited breath on one event: the decision of LeBron James. Everyone in the sports world knew that once LeBron picked his destination, that the shakeout would be swift and violent. Now that the smoke has … [Read more...]

In 140 Characters or 120 Minutes…The Communicators Who Communicate

Jay Horwitz

One of the opportunities and also one of the issues with social media is that the stream and the quest for information and access is never ending. The pipeline if you choose to use it, never really shuts off. So into that vacuum of information, especially for the consumer, comes … [Read more...]

In Social, Colleges Need To Play It Straight…

college football

There has been a tremendous amount of hype and attention payed to high level college athletics in the last year. From conference reshuffling, to the National Championship playoff to expanded March Madness coverage and the innovation in the TV and digital space with added elements … [Read more...]

Yin and Yang of Twitter…Osi Umenyiora and NASCAR

The endless debate rages on as to how and what twitter as a social platform can do for sport. We started the weekend with New York Giants defensive lineman Osi Umenyiora trying to use the medium to help Lawrence Taylor buy back his Super Bowl ring…provided Umenyiora found a … [Read more...]

Of Bulls, Isles and Curves…Some Good Ideas…

As we go through Relegation weekend in the Barclays PremierLeague (also an idea which would be interesting but not feasible for American sport), some good practices that came in from the last few days. The Isles Keep trying: Early last year it was the Tattoo Franchise … [Read more...]

The Ying and Yang of Breaking News…The NFL vs. The Jets

The 24 hour period on Wednesday and Thursday of this week saw something that most people would have never predicted six, eight...well weeks ago. That March Madness and Linsanity could take a back seat in the beginning of spring to...Tim Tebow and the New York Jets. In less than … [Read more...]