MLS Cup and World Cup Draw Help Float The North American Soccer Boat…


Say what you want about Major League Soccer and where it sits in the lexicon of professional sports in North America or where it sits as an established and viable entity in the global game, but there is no doubt that progress continues to be made as a brand. The latest step will … [Read more...]

Majoring In The Minors: “Pay As You Go” Night A Smart Idea


Minor league hockey usually doesn’t get the credit for being innovative and effective promoters much like their baseball brethren are. Occasionally a crazy jersey promotion pops up, or something edgy around a controversial celebrity, but by and large they probably don't get the … [Read more...]

For Brand Success, Cosmos May Have To Look More East Than West…


This past Saturday, as the first place Red Bulls battled Sporting Kansas City in a key Major League Soccer matchup in the Midwest,  a packed house at Hofstra University’s Shuart Stadium on Long Island, NY helped the New York Cosmos usher in a new era, in a league that has the … [Read more...]

Ivy Sports Symposium Unlike No Other…


Maybe its because it is a mix of students and  global sports executives from all areas of business, maybe its because the setting is a college campus, maybe its because  the combination of those two give the speakers a chance to be a little more loose and free thinking with … [Read more...]

Of Soccer, Meatballs, and Overtime…

As we reach Selection Sunday and heading to daylight savings, some thoughts on a few innovative ideas that have come about... New York Life Goes OT: A few years ago the Foxwoods Casino and Resort came up with an innovative takeover of Knicks games, sponsoring the last five … [Read more...]

What’s In A Stadium Name? More Than Dollars….

A few years ago the new owners of the Miami Dolphins were met with a skeptical eye when they effectively came up with a creative and short term naming rights solution for their oft-confused stadium. Land Shark Stadium, part inspired by a minority investor (Jimmy Buffett) became … [Read more...]